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My Reading Pile – March


As you might notice from the picture above, I have just changed the frame and the stickers.

I’m very ashamed to say that I haven’t finished a book since last month… February had been hectic and a sad month as well during which my psychosomatic side had been feeling particularly naughty and I could add creative…

Although I relax reading, I decided to dedicate the spare moments I had to my writing in order to go back in the writing habit.

As I mentioned before I decided to write 15 minutes a day and I have to admit that it’s working. Surprisingly I’ve managed to gather a reasonable number of pages on two different WIP. But this is the reading post, so let’s go back to books!

Maya seems to have taken after me so, even if we didn’t finish Matilda, she wanted to start Peter Pan.

I’ve reached a good stage in Harry Potter because it’s maybe the only book I’ve kept reading. A few pages before bed every night.

Since I’ve been having problem to fall asleep, a reread like Harry Potter is ideal to relax and put me in sleep mood.  As I tried to explain to my partner, when I read a novel, everything inside the book -setting, character, etc…- pops up in 3D in my head. This is why I manage to read different books and also why I can probably write two at the same time. But mainly this is why lingering several minutes at Hogwarts every night helps me to feel at home!

A part form that, I have no much to tell!

I hope next month the picture will be a bit different! And also the situation a bit brighter!



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