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Daydream #3 – Joe Hisaishi

Google search! Look at his face! Fantastic!

This appears to be a very dark period for me and, most of all, I have no clue how long is going to last. Have you ever experimented one of those crappy lengths of time where it seems that everything that could go wrong it would? Well, this is exactly what is going on with me. I have problems in work and I feel a bit lonely stuck in a different country with nobody to talk to. I mean, I have people to talk with, but I mean some special friends I could rely on…close by.

I admit my addiction! Hello everybody, my name is Franny and I’m a friendholic!

But this is a matter for another post, why should I bother you twice!

Now, because I have to find a fast way to release my stress and my tension, I thought that, as an aspiring fantasy writer, the best way of doing so was dreaming. And I don’t mean the usual subconscious way of producing dreams, because over there is just nightmares at the minute.

What I mean is I try to stay as more focused as I could on my daydream and my writing so I can have my lovely stress-free zone at hands at all the times!

Strictly connected with my daydream number one is my daydream number three: Joe Hisaishi!

You can find more information about the man here.

I learned to appreciate him listening to the most delicate and at the same time powerful soundtrack of Miyazaki films and I’d say one of my everlasting favourite is this: Ashitaka’s theme.

This theme is full of power, romanticism and it doesn’t really matter how many times I’ll listen to it, I’ll always feel moved.

Next, I discovered that he composed for films as well and it was then that I got very, very, very excited! So I happen to love Takeshi Kitano’s films too and several of them bring Hisaishi sensei signature for the soundtrack! For example: 

He manages to interpret the spirit the film, the essence, the pace, even the story. I believe that someone could just listen to soundtrack and, at least, get the sense or the mood of the whole.

One of my most recent posts was about Okuribito film. Joe Hisaishi created the magnificent soundtrack and confirms what I’ve just said.

If you have ten minutes or even two, I’d suggest you to have a look at one of his concert videos. This man changes his expression when he plays or when he direct the orchestra seems floating among the notes, he’s the creator of the music, he’s the lover of the music, he is the music.

So my daydream would be meeting him just to tell him how much I appreciate him as artist. But if one of my stories could receive his soundtrack I’d be the happiest person in the world.

For the moment I say thanks for your work Hisaishi sensei!


And what about you? Who’s your favourite? Tell me in the comments below!

Most of all, do you think I’m insane?


What do you think about that?

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