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Rain, rain…

Since in the past two days had kept raining, yesterday we were under alert and today the weather has been cheeky, I find this a good topic!

I’m waiting for my partner to finish his WoW raid and I’m working on the blog drafts, while outside a heavy rain is battering on the window panes and the wind blows so strong that I hope the old rusty gate of our neighbour house will remain where it is!!!

But let’s talk about the rain! I have a love and hate relationship with rain. Actually, I have a love and hate relationship with almost everything, but I guess this is related more to my creative side. At least I hope so, otherwise I should start to worry about having a personality disorder.

I live in Ireland so rain is something you should get used to see almost on daily basis. And I’ve just found this bit from Father Ted show. I’m going to put it here because I couldn’t stop laughing for five minute solid and it gives you the idea.

Now that I think about that, I should watch more of this TV show!

Also, if you come from a country like Italy you should be prepare to face a different kind of rainy day. When in Italy you wake up in the morning and it’s rainy, it mostly will be alike for the entire day.

When in Ireland you wake up and it’s raining, you know that in maximum an hour span of time it could be the shiniest day of the year or it could start snowing or storming. See, Ireland doesn’t let you get bored!

Despite the fact that in Ireland it’s rainy more often I always manage to avoid getting soaked in water, while the few times I got caught in a rain shower in Italy I went home looking like a mop in its bucket…I was a very colourful swearing mop!!!

Said that I want to explain the controversial relationship.

I love rain when it comes to writing. For some reason I cannot still grasp, the steal coloured sky, full of clouds heavy with rain, the drizzling on the window pane or even the stormy lashing, inspire me. They make me comfortable with my piece of paper. As I said before although I was freezing to the bone standing outside the door greeting the rare customers, I was happy to look at the grey sky, because thanks to that, and the old building, I come out with a couple of nice ideas for my supernatural WIP!

However, I find myself very clumsy when I try to get out and be on errands when it rains. I know it’s not nice for anybody but still I feel a major feeling of hatred surging out of my stomach. I might look like a sweating rhino charging the pray…or at least that’s how I feel! And this happens when it rains straight…just imagine the show when it’s windy too and it rains sideways!!!

So what about you?

Do you like rain?

Do you hate it?

Let me know in the comments below!!

And this seems the right post to leave you with one of Maya’s favourite nursery rhymes!


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