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Writing log – February

Here I am again to give you news about my writing situation! I think, at least this month, I’m managing better the timing of the posts I set my mind on. Of  course, up to the last week! As usual life gets in the way, but let’s focus, as this is a writing post!

I’m still writing my current supernatural/urban fantasy book and still stick to the decision I’ve made of handwriting it.

I’m just at the beginning of the story introducing characters and situation but, feeling very restless, I managed to find a compromise with my_stick_to_the_rule self.

I have a ten point plot. I had to know where I was going with the story, so I guess it wasn’t such a bad idea, since I feel now more at ease.

Also, I’m mildly researching, which means when I have two or three minutes I open the app I downloaded about supernatural creatures to see if there is anything interesting. Also I’m watching my source of inspiration, Supernatural, once again from the very beginning and I’m watching it in English this time so I can get all the right technical words.

Ok, I know I said I wouldn’t do that but I figured that I’d need a very mild and superficial knowledge of the subject I’m writing about.

To all these you have to add the hours spent outside the door in my workplace. The absence of customers mixed with cloudy weather and the continuous stare to the old building made my imagination wondering and I started to work on that.

This is where the story starts...Baby Fields in Liquorice village, Dough Land!

This is where the story starts…Baby Fields in Licorice village, Dough Land!

The very good news is that the stay away period from Sonrisa had worked because I felt myself wondering about my other story and also willing to start writing it again! Actually by the time I managed to correct this post draft for publishing I started to jot down this book too. Again it’ll be handwritten for the same reason I gave you before.

At least now I have the choice of what to write according to my mood! At least I can be free on one thing in my life!

There is only one problem. Of course.

As I mentioned earlier in this post and in the previous ones, my life has become even more hectic than before and full to burst of anxiety. I know this is not the place to complain and rant, but since everything in my mad life seems to be connected, my writing is greatly affected. Now, for reason I cannot reveal yet I’ll have to reduce the already tight writing time and this thing is killing me. My ever low self-confidence is sliding in the blackest hole and I’m wondering when I’ll be able to get to the point to send my books out to editors or even when I’ll be able to reach the point of publish them on line.

It’s not a matter of “If you want, you can”, believe me because I’m the deepest crappy situation at the moment, which need my full attention and also my full spare time.

Of course, whenever I’ll be able to give you details, I will!

That’s why this writing log is so short and the next ones probably will be as such!

Have you ever been in such annoying situation?

What did you do?

Is there any limit to bad circumstances?



4 thoughts on “Writing log – February

  1. No matter how much we love to write and how much we want to get somewhere with it, sometimes it’s important to set it aside.

    If your situation is so extreme that you need the extra time and energy to deal with it, then that has to be the case. Writing is important, but so is life.

    Similarly, writing for publication is always going to be a goal for most writers, but that should never be (and most likely isn’t) why you write. Maybe take some time aside to remind yourself of why exactly you write. This will help because 1) You might find that the reason why you write means you can give it a break for a short while; 2) The reason you write might be the exact reason why you shouldn’t step away from it – if it’s a form of escape and coping mechanism, then that could be exactly what you need right now.

    Basically, there are no clear cut answers but exploration and meditation will always help. I wish you luck Franny and hope all gets well soon. 🙂

    • Thanks so much Sean. As always you are very wise! I need certainly meditation. I think that my problem won’t be sorted in a short term but I hope they eventually will! Of course I don’t write just for the publishing goal, I just hope I’ll be able to do that so I can live of a job I love! And as you guessed I cannot really stop as I really need to vent and detach from the reality at least 10-15 minutes a day!
      Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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