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Google search! Whoever did this is a genius!

It keeps being a very hard period. I keep feeling sad and betrayed.

Then by chance I saw the following video and I felt better.
Considering I’ve bothered you already in the past two posts and it’s likely I will again in the future (as writing is my only way to vent!) it’s only fair I share with you the following video.

One Piece not only is a great manga/anime but, as I said many times before, it’s a well written and well plotted story!
Right now, however, I want to focus on some of the messages it gives:

-Real friendship does exist;
-Loyalty to people isn’t disappeared;
-Believe in your dreams;
-If you believe it intensely, your friends will do too;
-Be brave!

I’ll leave you here and I’ll watch the video again!
Do you have dreams?
Do people believe in you?
What do you use to motivate yourself?
Let me know in the comments!


What do you think about that?

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