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Bad for a reason…

I don’t want to bother my readers too much, but I feel a lot stressed lately. I’ve been constantly bullied and betrayed in my workplace for a while, and I’m afraid I might be a tiny bit too sensitive by nature! To give you an idea on my level of idiocy I’ll tell you I was crying re-watching Cinderella yesterday. In particular when the two ugly and evil stepsisters destroy her dress for the ball the little mice and birds managed to put together with a big effort.

Let’s say that at the moment I feel exactly the same…

Google search

I’d feel a lot better with friends here, but as a matter of fact all my friends are far away or in Italy and so are my mum, my brother and my sister in law. Besides, someone I thought my friend apparently is too busy with her life to even write a message for moral support, so it’s like not having anybody at all.

In order to cope with the thunderstorm happening in my brain I decided to write a post.

And of course, considering it’s me we’re talking about, I decided to talk about baddies…the bad and evil characters representing villains in books, films and so on! Tell me you didn’t expect this!

As an aspiring writer I’m aware that you need bad things happening to your main characters in your stories and also that you need the baddies: those characters you need in order to have a conflict inside you book and without whom your story would be flat like a crepes…without being delicious!

There is someone who tells that this should happen in life as well otherwise it will be too boring. To be completely honest with you, I’d rather have a very, very boring life. I’m sick and tired to be betrayed by someone I thought a friend, being disappointed by a person I liked, being abandoned for no reason or also being bullied for no reason at all by people with a minimum and a maximum of power in their hands.

I mean, where the hell is my revenge time? Shouldn’t there be a moment when I could feel good and at ease and, if not lucky, at least not completely miserable?

Also, I have to say that, although I cannot stand the baddies, I managed to do a distinction. There are baddies and baddies.

There are those who have a reason why they’re mean and resentful, while others are just evil for no reason. Well, I hate the latter and to be honest, at this stage of my life, the peaceful side of my character is willing to close an eye while I hope they could suffer one of the most painful fates you could imagine.

I mean, if I manage to understand why they’re being evil, or if they just have a characteristic that make them memorable I might even like them, while people just mean are no attraction to me.

For example, remaining in Harry Potter world from last post.

Voldemort is THE evil, but actually I kind of understand him. I mean, he has his past, his trauma and his own reason why he’s doing what he’s doing. I don’t like it, I’d fight against him, and still I understand him.

Fudge is evil to some extent, but he’s a coward and acts as such out of fear, so I understand him too.

But what about the Umbridge? What are her reasons? She’s evil for evil’s sake. Unless somewhere else is written clearly why she does what she does (And being loyal to the minister for magic is a bit poor excuse!) she just enjoys causing sadness and making the other people suffer.

Or do you want other examples?

Umbridge is more or less like Cinderella stepmother and stepsisters who are evil for such a feeble reason as jealousy.

See? Jealousy as well is something I classify as unacceptable as not having reason at all.

John Silver from Treasure Island, Count of Montecristo, Caine from Gone series or President Snow from Hunger Games have a reason why they do what they do. But Silver’s pirates or Drake or President Coin to mention a few from the same sources, they are just mean, they think to their personal gain and create confusion and sadness just for personal pleasure.

Or let’s take another example with One Piece, my other favourite.

There are many baddies but not all of them can be considered mean till the bones or so mean you would hate them… we’re still talking about pirates anyway, we must be flexible! Sometimes they’re portrayed deeply enough to have a valid reason why they do what they do!  But Black Beard or Doflamingo, who are disgustingly mean and power driven just because they want to have some fun from time to time and don’t care about nobody else but themselves are disgusting human beings.

See my point? I don’t understand being mean without reason and for selfish gaining’s sake. Being evil for fun I think it’s one of the less appealing and the most repugnant things that I could think of.

And, as matter of fact my employers enter in this latter category, think about them as a mixture of Umbridge and Doflamingo, and I think this is the main reason why I feel frustrated.

Google search. One of my boss smiles exactly the same! Creepy!

Google search

I Ihave many weak points and I’m not saying that I’ve never hurt anybody in the past.

 But I didn’t do on purpose, I always apologized when I realized what I did and I didn’t when I didn’t or nobody notified me. I admit to be a very distracted person, so sometimes it might happen I do something without realizing I’m doing it.

But I’m not mean.

And I would feel very down and ashamed knowing that someone suffered for my actions.

Wouldn’t be a better world if everybody could live in peace, being honest with other people? We could look for challenges and adventures in other places or concerning other topics.

Why on earth people have to be mean to each other just to save themselves from boredom?

I just hope that sooner or later I’ll have my revenge!

For the moment I’ll be happy to turn them in my fictional characters and make them suffer!

What do you think?

Let me know in the comment below if I’m right or wrong!

P.S. I’ve just realized I’ve chosen all images with pink as main colour! I don’t have anything against this colour! So I think the text should match.

P.S.2 See? Both Umbridge and Doflamingo even dress the same colour! It must mean something then!!! I didn’t do it on purpose!


What do you think about that?

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