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Franny Demented

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As I’m currently re-reading the Harry Potter series, I think that the quote in the title isn’t only easy to use but also very appropriate considering the situation!

I’ll just write a few words today, because I feel very down, very disappointed and very sad.
Once again I had the bad experience of being bullied in work by my employers and to be perfectly honest I’m sick and tired of this.
As I simply said in the title, at the moment I feel like after a closer encounter with a Dementor. 
For those who’re not familiar with Harry Potter world, Dementors are the creatures who feed on happiness, hope and good feelings, leaving you with the awful sensation of not being able to be cheerful again.
And that’s exactly what my employers are, Dementors. 
They said they’re not picking on me, I’d say they are, I cannot explain otherwise. 
I’m very sad, disappointed and frustrated and they’re landing me in a very difficult situation. And despite knowing that they don’t care because the business is more important than people. 
Remaining in the Harry Potter world of comparison, they’re just waiting to perform the kiss, leaving me soulless.
But let’s try to find a funny side. If they keep going on this way I’ll soon be able to join the following meme characters:

Didn’t do this, but it’s hilarious!


What do you think about that?

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