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P. I. Penguin and the case of the missing bottle-Review

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Today I’m going to introduce one fellow writer from the 10 minutes novelist group on Facebook, Rebecca Laffar- Smith and her most recent production, P. I. Penguin and the case of the missing bottle.

She is the ingenious woman behind the creation of this book and also behind the foundation of a small Australian publishing house, Aulexic.
Let me first tell you something about the book.
P. I. Penguin and the case of the missing bottle is a picture book written keeping in mind 4 years old as target readers. It tells us the adventures of a cute Australian Little Penguin playing the detective.
P.I. Penguin misses his parents, but despite not having any clue on their whereabouts, he decides to help his friend Bella Bottlenose to find her lost bottle, following the clues like a real detective.
I think the main character is just perfect as penguins are cheeky, cute and fluffy creatures apt to be used for any cunning and funny kind of adventure.
Also, I’m proud to say that this book, not only teaches children to read, but, in my opinion, sends also a simple message, that little kids can easily pick: friendship. It doesn’t matter how busy and worried you are, you can always help your friends, because you know they’ll be there for you one day. It’s a very easy message but unfortunately very underestimated nowadays. I’m glad someone thought of introducing it in a book for small kids. It’s never too early to learn. 
The book is very easy read, so even my 3 years old toddler managed to follow the story, she was charmed by the bright pictures the talented Adit Galih created for the pages. I’m not exaggerating at all when I tell you my daughter stared at those images with wide eyes and asked to read it again once we finished it. 
Despite the fact I’m trying to rise her bilingual (Italian and English) and the difficulty linked to that, she managed to follow the rhymed narrated story.
And now a few words about the writer.
Rebecca created this small publishing house out of need but I think is the best thing a mother can do for her son. On the website you can read: “Aulexic is a small press publishing house specializing in books for early readers and children with language and literacy acquisition difficulties such as those associated with dyslexia, specific language impairment and autism”. 
To be more precise, I think she should be praised not only as a writer but also as a mother and a teacher.
The name on the cover is Bec J. Smith because Rebecca not only had the brilliant idea of writing for his son, but engaged him, along with his sister, in the writing of the book itself. 
I think we should just bow to the imagination and good heart of this writing mum. 
Congratulations Rebecca! You’ve done a terrific job!

What do you think about that?

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