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Writing Log – January 2015

I’m writing this post almost at the end of the month but in time to be classified as January update!

As I promised in a previous post, I’m trying to give you more news about my reading and writing doings! Writing and reading are of course very important as they should be the main worries I have as an aspiring writer, so all this make just perfect sense!

I believe that last news you had about my writing was me complaining about the amount of plotting I was doing! Despite the plotting hasn’t finished yet and despite I’m way far from completing it, I decided to put it on hold!

There is a couple of reasons why I decided to do that.

First of all, I discovered an awesome writer community, 10 minutes novelist, great idea of this nice lady here. She managed to write a book in only ten minutes a day. I thought then to try and embrace the option of writing for 15 minutes every day and see what could happen. Actually it turned out to be a nice idea as I discovered that I can be productive doing that.

Second, I was getting bored of Sonrisa so much I was on the edge of a complete rejection, and after I’ve spent on the world building over 8 years I think it would be very sad get rid of the whole thing. Thus, I decided to set it aside for a while, putting on hold and relax a bit about that!

I love Sonrisa, and the story I was creating, but I think I just concentrated on that too much, so much that I wanted to fix so many things that I didn’t write anything for months. The result was me feeling very rusty and awkward when I hit the keyboard again.

I’m sure that whenever I’ll manage to go back to the project I’ll be more relaxed and willing to fight with the past details and the hundreds I still have to fix. I’m trying just to let the 15 minutes writing habit to sink in the daily routine before I do that.

What am I writing then?

I started my 15 minutes spells writing something about Sonrisa but then I felt I had to detach myself completely. So, I started writing about the urban fantasy I was thinking about. The one set in Ireland and Italy.

It talks about two Italian hunters who are twins and, because they share the Kelpie grandfather, have some supernatural powers.

You can imagine where the seed of inspiration come from. Being basically obsessed with Supernatural TV show I really wanted to write a fanfiction but then again my detail obsessed mind and fantasy brought me much forward and of the TV shows only the subjects remains.

The story I think will be an event story, according to Orson Scott Card’s classification.

I’m enjoying handwriting it, as I want to avoid as many distractions as I can, and this way the notebook can follow me in work as well in case I have a sudden inspiration. I know I’ll curse myself whenever I’ll have to type it in a file but I’ll worry about that later!

The funny part is I’m writing it in first person and I’m using three different inks for the two twins, and I’ll leave you here with the curiosity to know why I use three different colours.

The less funny part is that I have constantly to fight my will to research and planning.  But I keep repeating myself that this is a matter of writing and then maybe, whenever I’ll get to the second manuscript stage, I’ll do all the research in the world!

And that’s it for January; I’ll talk to you next month!

What do you think?


This is a Kelpie image found on Google!



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