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Damn flu!


Of course I don’t own this image! I just like their faces! Particularly Dean’s! And I think he’s more complex character as well…hey what did you think!?


Exposed as I had been to the harsh Irish weather, and due to the inhuman condition I had been forced to work in during the past three weeks, my body yielded to the virus!
I’m stuck in bed and forced to rest!
Despite my desire to use this time as a good aspiring writer would, i.e. reading and writing, my cravings brought me to bear only the re watching of Supernatural series!
Yes I feel guilty…a lot!
But if I really have to get positive aspects from the whole situation I’d say:
1. Staying outside, exposed to the weather, inspired me for my current WIP!
2. Supernatural can give me some nice tips, considering my WIP being urban fantasy with supernatural kind of hint.
3. I’m doing some exercise in the attempt to improve my English as it’s the first time I’m watching the original version!!!

OK, now I should keep repeating these points to me until I get better!!!

And now we need just some music! 




4 thoughts on “Damn flu!

  1. It’s the season to attract a virus! I’m recovering as well, and as dedicated as I want to be to something productive, I too have succumbed to laying in bed and watching dramas. Feel better soon!

    • Thanks so much! I feel better now and I hope they’ll finish their work soon otherwise will be all useless!
      Uh by the way, the other day I manage to deal with a Japanese turist all in Japanese as he didn’t have English at all…I’m so so rusty and I was so shaky but he seemed happy!!!

      • Glad you’re feeling better! I’m sure that he was happy just to have someone understand what he’s saying, which can be such a relief when you’re traveling. Well done!

      • Well I kinda repeated the explanation I learned by heart and asked him a couple of questions! But I guess he was happy! Living in Ireland I lost the little Japanese I had and I’m a bit sorry for that!

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