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Coming soon.

I don’t own this! Maya liked it, so I picked it!


As you might have noticed I try to blog twice a week. To be honest with you I stopped attempting to do more than that, as it will cause too much stress on me and consequently the posts will be worse in style and content.

I had to admit to myself and convince the most stubborn part of my brain that I have only two hands, only 24 hours a day, only a spare hour maximum a day and many things to do, projects included…other than a part time job, a toddler and a partner! But you know that already.

I also thought that I might give this blog some fixed appointments so I can tidy up the whole thing.

I don’t want to fix too many points, however, because I know myself well enough to be sure to mess the whole thing up.

So what you’ll going to see on my blog every month will be two summaries, one will be My Reading Pile, which will be a summary of what my reading in progress would be each month and then the second will be Writing Log, which will be the update about my writing situation. I’m an aspiring writer so I think I have to write more about the topic, although I think that it’s not totally wrong what I’m doing now.

I firmly believe that people should know more the writers behind the books or stories they read.

Strictly connected to writing for me is research, so another monthly appointment will be Research Progress. Did I learn something in the past month? Did I find out something useful? Do I want to share a nice fact? I’ll do that in that post!

Plus, because my curiosity was tickled by something I find more and more interesting every week, I think I’ll hop on the train! This blog gives every Tuesday some inspiration quotes and some prompts you could transform in some short story or something else!

I decided that I want to embrace the challenge, maybe not for the same day, maybe for the following one but the reason is clear, I believe.

For the same purpose I also want to bring back the Monster Flash episodes! I also have to motivate myself in work, sorry! So instead of trying to connect all the weird elements I’ll notice, like I used to do, I’m going to choose only one of them and transform it into some sort of short or flash fiction. After all we’re writers and that’s what we do, right? Pick what attracts our attention and transform it into stories!


And leaving aside what I want to turn into fixed appointment on my blog, I want to let you know that in a few days or months, I’m not sure how long it will take, I’ll write several “Oh my darling” letters. I have to vent many things, included something I brought with me from last few years.

2015 hadn’t been good so far but at least I want to make my burden lighter and clear my head! I want a new fresh start…or I hope so!

Also I’m going to introduce on these pages a few of my own characters (from books or short stories), but it’ll have to wait, because in the attempt of finding the right character building chart, I turned the fun creation into a torture! Maybe I’ll decide to do it as soon as I’ve finished this post or maybe not, but you’ll see them, no worries!


And I think that’s that for the moment! The rest of the blog will juggle with reviews, personal opinions and random facts as usual.


What do you think?

Do you have any scheme for your blog?

How long did you spend on finding a good balance?


8 thoughts on “Coming soon.

  1. Wow…sounds like an incredible plan! There are so many components in the “fixed appointments,” I wonder if it might be a little too ambitious. But, then I don’t know how you schedule writing time. I do have a theme for my blog, it’s to showcase sunsets and people. My main focus is to post beginning chapters of books. I get valuable feedback from followers. Over time though, I’ll just do excerpts not to give away too much. It’s taken me a full 10 months from the start of my blog to figure out what I can and cannot do. I loved getting awards, but I stopped accepting them after the 4th one, too time consuming. But, I’ll accept those about the writing process with minimal work, like the Premio Dardos Award I just accepted. So, the balance is probably off as I find new writing crops up and takes time away from the books. I hope your plan works for you, and I hope you’ll reassess it if you fall behind in accomplishing everything you set out to do. Good Luck & Keep Writing. Christine

    • Thanks Christine! Do you really think it’s a lot?! Wow I thought it was a very poor project! I can write properly only when my toddler sleeps, which is 1-2 hours a day! I have 4 days off work so 2 are for blogging and 2 are for the rest!
      You’ve been very fast in finding your pattern!
      Let’s see what happens here! I’ll keep going no worries!

      • Well, you do have a challenge with limited writing time! Maybe you are on the right track then to schedule your projects. But, I’d say, always be flexible with that. Those unforeseen things that get in the way! Good luck. I look forward to reading more of your writing! Christine

  2. It sounds like you have a plan! I did something similar on my blog for the new year. I wanted to blog more often and get myself into a routine with it. It’s working pretty well so far. I hope your new ideas work well for you. 🙂

  3. I love your blog! I can see inside of a very creative mind, every post is like a short story and I can identify myself with A LOT OF things and situations you write!
    I hope 2015 will get better for you!

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