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Sick world, I want to think!

This is a piece of art from the author Don Alemanno. Click on the image to go his Facebook page.

This is a piece of art from the author Don Alemanno. Click on the image to go his Facebook page.

Today I was in doubt on what to write. So I decided to put together two posts I drafted, hence the title!

I feel very frustrated lately and a bit sad as well. The reason for this feeling and this mood swing isn’t only one!

Have ever happened to you that someone older would say “When I was a kid there was more respect!” or “This wouldn’t happen when I was younger!” or “I can’t believe you new generation being obsessed with this film/music/etc. They don’t communicate anything!”

Well, it happened to me a lot…at least until my dad was around but I realize now he was right.

Sometimes I feel older than I am for my way of thinking, but you cannot disagree on this point: this world we live in sucks and it’s nobody’s fault but ours.

I followed the news about France and I was shocked by what happened at the staff of Charlie Hebdo.

Nobody had the right to do what was done. Nobody has the right to take another man’s life. And I’m not saying that because I believe in god and I’m catholic observer (just to make it clear since my mum uses this religion shield all the times) but because my conscience wants to scream after this absurdity.

Who are this people who decide to deprive others of their life, just because they don’t agree with their faith? Faith originated in even another country and melted in another culture and tradition.

If someone believes in a different god or doesn’t believe in any god at all, or if someone comes from a different culture or from a melting pot culture, that’s ok! Why is it so difficult accepting everybody for what they are?

It’s not like I want just to speak politically correct, the problem is I really don’t understand. And I understand even less when people belonging to their religion try to make us understand that their gods talk about love, compassion and forgiveness. So what? If we don’t believe their word then we can die? It seems a bit weak love and forgiveness concept, doesn’t it?

However, I don’t want to talk about religion, because people go on defence mood and don’t want to see what I mean, so let’s talk about food!

What would happen if everybody attending weight watchers group and be very fanatic about dieting as a matter of lose weight or living healthy decide that everybody else is wrong in wanting to kill themselves eating junk food?

It seems funny, but the comparison fits.

What if these groups start bombing pastry shops and hang Ronald Mac Donald puppets everywhere and burn all the fast food premises?

In their head they accomplished their mission; they’re moving people to a healthy life style.

I know you’re laughing reading this, but try to figure what I mean.

These people would kill and be violent to prove they’re right.

But what if I think differently? What if I want to eat badly tons of fat every day?

Who gives them the right to burn all my crappy food?

And do you see where I want to go with this mental speech of mine?

Who gives people right to hurt, or worse, kill other people? With what authority they decide they’re right and I’m wrong? And why they’re incapable to let people live their lives?

Mind you that all this reasoning was formed in my head already, for other reasons other than this.

You don’t have to go to an international level of cruelty; you can stay in your nation, in your city, in your hometown, even in your neighbourhood, in your school.

How many times we read on the newspaper shocking news: mum kills her kids, children killing their parents, children bullied in school commits suicide, people die in the street because of the indifference of the passers-by, people kidnapped for money, money driven company behaving in a unhuman way to their employees in order to gain more.

Why is our world so sick?

They ask me why I don’t follow the news. Why I don’t read the newspapers…

How could a person with a bit of sensibility cope with that every day?

I feel so overwhelmed by the dark side of this world that I cannot think it will survive much longer.

I want to have the freedom to think with my own head without someone telling me what to think and how to behave. I want to have my opinion without the fear to be persecuted by someone else.

I want to feel safe to walk in the street without being afraid of being kidnapped, or raped or driven on by a car.

Is that much asking for these simple things?

I don’t think so.

I was talking right before with my brother Panda about this.

Why people behave how they behave? Why are they so cruel and mean?

I have no answer to be honest with you, I have just hypothesis, the same I gave him: people feel frustrated, for lack of power, for lack of self-confidence. People want to attack before being gobbled up by the society. Kill or be killed, right?

But why is that?

And for this question I have again just personal opinion. People don’t think, people don’t read, don’t look for information, they don’t want to put themselves in the condition to think of the elements they have in front of them and put them together. People usually follow someone who seems knowing what he or she’s doing. In many cases it’s a political leader (doesn’t matter the party or what they promise, because they usually care only about their power and how to be even stronger and stronger) or a religious one. They are dangerous on the same level as they promise something they don’t have, speak of something they don’t know (and use the same old sentence they learned and they pass on from the Roman empire age- yes I mean both the categories), ask to follow rules they are the first to break.

What do you think?

 Am I too pessimist?

Am I extremist?

Tell me your opinion in the comment.

Just a warning, if it’s a civil and constructive comment the one you leave, it’s fine to me. But if you mean to start a fight or be rude, your comment will be removed.





4 thoughts on “Sick world, I want to think!

  1. At the school where I teach, there is a question in one of the books, and it is so: “Do you think there might be another world war?”
    Well, after the students reply, I always think to myself: There has been and there will always be wars as long as humans exist! This world IS screwed up! Which is very sad…

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