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Let’s dance with cliché

You thought I wouldn’t write this post, right?

But just because I began the New Year with a normal post doesn’t mean that I couldn’t do it later!

In other words, I’ll let you know what my resolutions for 2015 are! Yes, I’m sorry for you!

I’m perfectly aware that I’ll never manage to keep my resolutions as it happened last year, and the year before that, and the one before that and…you got it, right?! I usually tend to aim too high considering what I have to do on daily basis!

I have worked on this issue, promise! I’ve actually been working on it for years and I have to admit that I’ve improved.

I mean, from those days in which I had lists that could include studying, writing, and blogging and so on due to do in the same day, I’m working now on more reasonable kind of lists. Still, it seems difficult for me to achieve the goals.

I guess that, first of all, I have to learn how to cope with the defeat when I don’t manage to tick all the boxes of one list. At the moment I’m not doing a great job. I usually get very frustrated and very angry when for stupid setback I don’t manage to finish. I have loads of things to do after all. And, despite that, I want to add to those many more, so maybe I should be a little bit less mean to myself.

Anyway, by the time I’ll manage to do that, I’ll probably stop creating lists and just try to value more what I’ve managed to achieve.

But I’m a diehard!

But as to show you I’m trying to keep my promise I decided to list here only tiny, tiny goals I should be able to follow:


I want to lose some weight…it starts to be a health problem, so I actually have to.

I want to find a way to relax and, when particularly stressed, at least remember to breathe.

I want to make time for at least 15 minute of writing every day. I discovered with my displeasure I’ve become very rusty, so I hope that from 3-400 words per 15 minutes I’ll manage to write more.

I want to read more than 15 books, maybe I could realistically aim to 20?

I want to write more blog posts about writing and reading. I’m an aspiring writer after all. (Thinking about that, I should tidy up my blog a bit as well!)

I want to manage my time better.


In order to do that I know already that I have to cut with social network and Internet, but still I got distracted very easily.

Actually what usually happen is a traffic jam in my brain, because each and every though thinks to have the priority and also every priority thinks to be the top priority. So the most of the times I stop doing anything at all because my brain goes clogged and I don’t even know where to start. Then I usually gets distracted or I pick the wrong choice.

Another issue with my brain is that it starts wondering towards the hundred things I have/I want to do after thing number one -usually still in progress- or else decides to take a break and go wondering on Internet. This is why I decided that I need focus. I need to learn, first of all, not to get distracted while accomplishing every single task.

And this is why the following video will become my personal 2015 mantra: You need to focus. Your focus needs more focus!

What about you?

Something planned for this year?

Do you need a mantra too?

Let me know in the comments below! 


8 thoughts on “Let’s dance with cliché

  1. I’d say, put writing first and you’ll be on your planned road to success. The happier you are doing that, you can deal better with loosing weight. It’s important to start each day with a writing plan and a food plan, it’s that simple! You already know watch your time on the Internet and reading blogs! Good Luck! Stay Strong! Christine

      • No, please don’t give up! I can see it might be hard with care of a toddler! I used my boys nap time to write! Maybe having a set food plan would make you feel better, gradually loose weight, and health would improve. Again, stay strong! Christine

      • No, don’t worry! I love my fantasy world too much and writing is too important! I have no intention to give up!
        I just have to organize better.
        About food I usually try to do a weekly menu and follow it…unless I decide to follow the cravings. I shouldn’t..I know!
        Thanks for your support!!! It means a lot!

  2. I’m with you on writing more – it’s something I’ve been slacking off on, so I’m hopeful that in 2015 I’ll write a lot more than I have been. 🙂

  3. I’ve been meaning to write this for a long time, but I’ve got a long list of things I WANT to do, but I also never manage to do 1/10 of them, and that gets me frustrated, and I have the same traffic jam in my brain! I can’t focus either! I just wanted to know so many things and read so much more, and exercise! Jesus Francesca, I think you STOLE MY THOUGHTS for this post! =)
    On the same week I read your post I had reached the same conclusion that I need more time AWAY from my computer! I love digging information about the topics that interest me but I can’t even read all that…. So, I’ve started to use my computer only in the morning, specially because its light’s got something that keeps you awake… (But, today is Friday right?)
    Also, your post was life-changing for me in the sense that I realized I do need to have some time “not to think at all”, so that motivated me to embrace my passion for drawing and I’ve already gotten a teacher!!! I’m super excited, drawing and reading are very relaxing for me!
    So, your post has already produced one good result, I’ve got my finger crossed you’ll do all you want (or at least put less pressure on yourself) this year! I love you!

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