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My reading pile – January 2015!

And more information about my book world I might add!
Since I’m still struggling to go back to my routine, and still tidying up my ideas, I’ll share with you news about my reading!
When I came back from holidays my reading situation was as such:


The emoji on the covers summarize what I think of the books. The red, pink and green numbers are the pages left to read and the blue number represent the total. The yellow number is the book I forgot to include in the picture.


I know it may sound as an excuse but I had to work on the 28th and on the 31st. On the 31st night, when I had to yield the situation was like this:


Yes, yes I managed to finish “The two towers” ! I took me only two years!!!!


I honestly though I would manage to read a bit more, but I didn’t! So it’s with a bit of bitterness I’ll introduce you my


My Pile of Shame is made of those books that were supposed to be finished in 2014! Having a look at my reading page, I noticed that I always bring four books to the next year. I have to manage to stop this bad habit! At the end of this year I’ll have to finish everything is in progress!
Anyway, considering my character, and the fact that I’m very impatient, I’ve been piling on one shelf the books I want to give the priority to this year, since the end of the 2014! 


I decided for a few books from Italian literature, a couple of classics and a couple of non fiction to begin with! I didn’t really set a rule as we all know that the inspiration to read a book is unique, it can’t be forced!


I’ve just updated my reading page here on this blog, so you can check my progress there! To make it clear and because it was so much fun, I had to take another picture to show you the actual reading pile! I want to manage to read more this year…I hope I’ll manage! 

What about you?

What are you reading?

Any advice for me, considering what you see in my lists and piles!?



“I tre moschettieri” which is “The Three Musketeers” had to enter because I struggled to refrain to read it until now. With “Gone” I had to slow down on purpose, when I realized that I couldn’t make it, because I want at least the second volume before I finish it. As for the rest, I hope to finish them within January. Fingers crossed!



2 thoughts on “My reading pile – January 2015!

  1. Seeing a lot of familiar faces in those piles! I really like Card’s book on sci-fi and fantasy. He can be a bit pretentious at times but great help for world building! Where’d you pick it up? I got mine on a holiday in Florida. 🙂

    • Actually I borrowed from a friend…still have to finish to take notes! I’ve never read Card’s fiction books, but according to what he teaches they must be great!
      And yeah he gave me load to think about WB! Despite my 8 years spent on my world I still have details to go through!

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