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Italian holiday!

Photo Collage Maker_eG3v8G

Fly to Italy and helping Nana with the Christmas tree.

Photo Collage Maker_93uBzX

We enjoyed Maya’s 3rd birthday at the aquarium! Nice pizza in the evening with family and friends! Also I managed to rob an afternoon for me and my fantastic sister in law Debhora!

Photo Collage Maker_z8oeC9

Christmas lunch with family! End of the unwrapping frenzy for Maya! And sadly fly back to Ireland!



We spent over a week in Italy around Christmas and I want to show you just a glimpse of what I lived there! 

It was amazing, this time! And harder than ever to come back here! But I live in Dublin and I have my life here!

Life that, as usual at the end of the year, becomes very, very busy! And this is why I leave you just with this pictures, but I promise my posts will come back in full strength next year! 

For the moment:


I don’t own this one!


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