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Peeta V Tobias

As I’ve finished both the trilogies, Divergent and Hunger Games (twice and really looking forward to read it again) I can make a comparison between Peeta and Tobias. Why? You might ask. Because I thought it was a nice thing to do and I think that the handsome Theo James gave to Tobias more than the real character deserve!

I love Peeta.




I started Divergent liking Tobias but by the end of the whole story I could have smacked him in the head.

That’s in short!

But I’d hate such a short explanation so I’ll write more.

You know from my previous post that Peeta is the third fictional character I fell in love with, so you might think that this is the main reason why I say that.

However, it’s a bit more complicated than that.

It might as well be the style of the narration and maybe Suzanne Collins managed to convey into her character everything a woman like me (and actually even a younger myself) would desire in a strong but romantic, loving and caring man.

Tobias, although very charming and intriguing, attracted my curiosity and attention only up to the mid book 2, and then he started to annoy me with climax reached in book number 3.

Peeta is brainwashed to hate Katniss, but after some times spent in the hospital, and due maybe to his loving character, he managed to pull himself together and ends up to be with Katniss again.

Tobias just because someone tells him he’s genetically damaged (after long time he thought of being Divergent, meaning genetically pure. Something they have notion of only in the third book and been notified by people whom they’ve never met and, for all they knew, people who could be manipulating them) decides to play the drama queen and pushes away the person who loves him for exactly who he is.

It seems behaving like a toddler the most of the times.

Both Peeta and Tobias had a violent parent, mother for the first and father for the second, but, despite that, the outcome as grown men and the “trauma” itself is lived in a different way.

Also, at the very beginning the two realities were different. Peeta lives in a very harsh environment where either you survive or you die. Tobias lives in a better world, as far as he’s concerned, and his changing the faction of origin is just a rebellious act against his father. On the other hand, Peeta decides to go down to the sacrifice route just for being a pure loving character.

I believe I’m intelligent enough to understand that the two of them have two different characters and behaviour, according to their different background or family, still Peeta teaches you how you can be better even in the worst situation, while Tobias is just a slogan: they fight you, you fight them back harder!

I might not like it because it is very similar to my way of doing and I’m desperately fighting it, but you know, what attracts you is something different the person in front of you might have. I believe that maybe that’s the main reason of my preference.

How about you? Have you read the two trilogies?

Which one did you prefer?

And which one you’d choose?  Peeta or Tobias?

I wanted to upload a picture after Googling Peeta V Tobias but the actors’ faces aren’t what a book lover expects, so I found this meme. I agree on what it says..so here you are!


5 thoughts on “Peeta V Tobias

  1. I’m always kind of meh about Peeta for some reason. I don’t really have strong feelings about him either way. I love Tobias, but I think it’s mostly because I feel bad for him after Allegiant’s ending, haha.

    • This just means we’re not going to argue on fictional characters! LOL! I can’t explain properly why Peeta got me, but it was in Catching Fire. I watched the Huger Game film first and then I read the books. And I tell you the truth, while in the first book Peeta still had Josh Hutcherson’s face, little by little his face turned into my Peeta. So much that I was very pissed for the cast choice! But then following the interview it made sense why this choice, maybe it’s more based on the actor’s character than anything!
      Tobias was a blur, and when Theo James impersonated him I was fine with that, as he’s handsome anyway!

      • Haha that’s so funny! I think half of the reason I’m not obsessed with Peeta is because Josh Hutcherson is just soooo short and I could not picture him as Peeta at all and it’s taken over my perception of Peeta completely lol! And totally agree about Theo James!

    • To be honest I hate when they put the actor to resemble a fictional character, even on the covers. So as book lover, I decided to upload the funnies meme Google found for me with the search criteria!

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