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Divergent trilogy

I’ve just finished “Allegiant” by Veronica Roth.

I think I might as well stop saying “I usually don’t do reviews”, because that’s what I’m doing lately.

I’m aware I’m not a professional reviewer, so just take the following as personal opinion about a book.

There will be some spoiler at some stage, so be warned.

The good part is that I don’t read so many books (unfortunately) and I don’t watch so much TV, you won’t be too bothered.

So I said, “Divergent”.

I liked it but I didn’t love it and no, I didn’t cry at end.

At the beginning I was very excited at the idea. It was a new trilogy, set in a dystopian reality and I just felt so lost after finishing “Hunger Games” (…actually for the second time!) that needed something else.

My good friend Shaine, before leaving Ireland for good, and with a good timing indeed, left me the “Divergent” trilogy.

Dystopian reality.

First person narrator.

Present tense.

Wow, it’s great! Exactly what I needed!

And actually it was very good at the beginning.

Strong female character, well portrait side characters; charming and enigmatic male counterpart.

To be honest with you, it could have been a very good standalone book. One of those giving you the impression that they should continue but that, after all, has a good finale.

I honestly cannot remember what happened in the second book but I started feeling annoyed at the characters, in particular Tobias aka Four.

I’ve just finished the third and I felt happy rather than lost. When I finish a good book and I close the last page, I usually feel very “what can I do now?”.

But it didn’t happen this time. Instead I felt almost relieved.

Leaving aside my compulsory problem to peek at the end of the book in order to enjoy better what’s in between, that might lead to a nasty spoiler, I think that in this trilogy there is a big basic error.

Despite the choice of killing one main character is very brave, and worth of respect, it seems like the third book was added at the very end and not exactly for benefit of the whole story.

Even if you don’t read the final pages you notice that something bad is going to happen.

The books are in first person narrator and since the beginning everything was from Tris’ perspective. When you start to read the third you have some chapters from Tobias’ point of view as well.

If she really wanted to be consistent and realistic she should have done it from the very beginning, so then it would have been a surprise. Or she could have continued until Tris’ death only from her point of view and pick Tobias’ narration view later on.

As I said, this is my opinion. I still respect her for doing such brave thing as I find very difficult to kill even secondary characters, when I have to.

Looking forward to do it when they represent someone who hurt me in life, but it’s a different story.

Overall I liked it but I was mistaken when I said it can be on Hunger game level, because the narration seems to be forced, while Suzanne Collins’ flows smoothly till leaving you orphan of a masterpiece.

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “Divergent trilogy

  1. I’m not mad at all! You know about the “how to” write; I just read. I can only have an opinion about how well or not the book is written when I can’t read it…
    This Trilogy for me was good, not Harry Potter good, but I liked the characters and the plot.
    And, of course, because I cry really easily I cried loads when Tris died!
    I still need to read the Hunger Games, I have the books but have not read them yet, just seen the movies, and Game of Thrones!
    As there is no Christmas “feeling” in the heat of the summer here in Brazil and I miss Dublin super decorated for Christmas, people drinking hot chocolate (here, chocolate out of the fridge is already hot… =( and listening to Michael Bubble, so I’m going to spend the whole holiday immersed in books!

    Love you loads!

    • No no I don’t know everything! I just wrote my opinion!
      You’ll let me know what you think when you finish Hunger Games. If you do like I did you’ll read without pause!
      I miss you a lot! But I’d love to have a hot Christmas for once!!! I’ll drink a hot chocolate for you!

  2. I felt the same way about the Divergent trilogy. I looooved the first book, but I wish it had just been a stand-alone book, because I was disappointed by the other two. Like you said, I could totally tell that something bad was going to happen because of the change in writing, but also because right before Tris dies, everything suddenly got super unnaturally happy. But I still really enjoyed Divergent, so I usually just pretend that it’s the only book in the series(:

    • Hahaha! Yeah I agree with you! That’s exactly what I should do!
      As I said I don’t remember what happened in Insurgent! Maybe my brain is deleting already!
      Have you read Hunger Games? What do you think about it?
      Thanks for the follow!

      • Haha, now that you say that, I don’t really remember what happened in Insurgent either, but I just remember not being very impressed by it. I read the Hunger Games awhile ago and I remember really liking them! I think the Hunger Games is a lot more consistent in quality across the books, and I think the writing is a lot better. But I didn’t love the ending of that series either, so maybe I’m just picky when it comes to YA trilogy endings haha.

      • I don’t know, maybe I’m not picky enough. On the other hand I don’t read as much as I’d love to!
        But I have to say something, I love Peeta as fictional character!
        He’s the third one since I remember!
        *going back to the asylum for the night*

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