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I’ll save Artax this time!


This is exactly how I’ve been feeling lately.

If you want you can compare Artax to my plot. The mud and dirty water of the swamp to my thoughts, and details, and my descriptions and my reasoning about things. Of course then you can put Atreyu in place of my will to drag the plot out of the mud! Plot that is alive in front of me, out of all the swamp mess my mind turned into!

Concentrating too much on other things would kill my inner Artax!

I have to make it! Have to!!!


*silently running away from strange people dressed in white with a funny jacket clutched in their hands*


*suddenly noticing a syringe too*


*running away much faster*

 P.S. For explanation read the next post. Today this is the best I can create, but I’m sure there is someone out there understanding…


What do you think about that?

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