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My reading pile – November 2014


As only a little over one month divides me from the new year I thought it was nice to update you on my reading situation.

Six weeks seem enough to finish the whole thing but in my case they’re not!

I can’t possibly know what will happen in a day time!

So I finished La Tregua. It was heart-breaking and I watched the film, The truce, as well which just spoiled the whole thing of course. This flared up my interest for books of this genre. We have to remember what happened in the past.

I finished also Ireland’s Hunted women. It wasn’t written in a good style but it is supposed to be mainly a non-fiction and it was packed with information and a bibliography I will use for my other project.

Harry Potter was a re-read. Not only I finished that but also I finished re-reading the third book and I started the fourth, as it seems Maya loves listening to Harry’s adventure while falling asleep! Nothing to object here!

As for Gone and Il cervello anarchico I’m half way through them. And as for The two towers (which starts to be interesting only now!) and Allegiant I’m in the last hundred pages frame.

I realized I forgot to include in the list How to write Fantasy and Sci-Fi by Orson Scott Card. I think I’m in the mid of that too.

I know it doesn’t seem a desperate situation but I as I said everything could happen!

I’ll keep you posted!

Have a nice weekend! I’ll be in work, so relax for me too!


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