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Gabriele D’Aleo

Today’s is a special post, as I never thought I’d ever done something like this again. Well, a part for my little brother Panda’s group.

However, lately I came across this website, work of the youngest brother of an old friend of mine.

His name is Gabriele, and despite his age I think he’s a great talent.

I asked him a few question so you can get to know him better. I guess he’s worth attention! In my opinion there is a lot of potential in his work!



Franny: You said beginning your work when you were four. How do you explain your love for drawing? And do you remember your very first draw?

Gabriele: My love for drawing was triggered by cartoons and video games. When I was little I was fascinated by them, especially by the very first PlayStation games like Tekken and Ridge Racer.

The first draw that I remember was a view of an arcade game room, made in 1994 when I was four. My brothers used to go there very often, and sometimes they brought me along. Also I remember some draws of the spaceships inspired by Starfox, a Super Nintendo game.

Franny: Has been easy for you to be an artist? Can you tell us who your stronger supporter is?

Gabriele: It’s been really easy for me. I just think about the concept of the draw, and then I put it on paper!

I guess my greatest supporter was, and still is, my family. They have always encouraged me to go on with my passion.

Franny: Where do you take your daily inspiration?

Gabriele: I take it within myself. As I really like fantasy and sci-fi style, it’s not difficult for me to create a new character or a landscape. However, sometimes I take inspiration from movies.

Franny: What’s your aim for the future? Do you want to be an illustrator full time?

Gabriele: I really love drawing and creating something good. I believe that’s the only thing I can do well!

Yes, it would be great doing it full time!

Franny: What gives you strength and motivation?

Gabriele:  My passion for drawing, that helped me a lot through the past years,  and the idea of improving more and more every day.

Franny: Who’s your favourite artist?

Gabriele: I’ve got several! For example I like Paolo Barbieri, Xia Taptara, Jeffrey Smith and H.R. Giger.

Franny: Fantasy or sci-fi?

Gabriele: I like both, but if I have to choose I’d say fantasy all the way!

Franny: Sweet or sour?

Gabriele: Sweet of course.

Franny: Favourite film?

Gabriele: 1984 with John Hurt

Franny: Describe yourself in three words.

Gabriele: Weird, shy, mad XD

Franny: If someone wants to contact you, where they can do that?

Gabriele: They can send me an e-mail at this address: gabrieledaleo89@gmail.com

Franny: Would you be willing to take some work on for covers or websites?

Gabriele: Definitely for covers. I’ve been doing that already!


In order to show you his ability I asked him an example of his art. And because he was so kind to let me chose the subject, I asked him to bring to life one of my characters: Shaaz!

I’ll introduce him to you in one of my next posts!

For the moment enjoy Gabriele’s art!

Shaaz! All rights reserved to the artist, Gabriele D'Aleo.

Shaaz! All rights reserved to the artist, Gabriele D’Aleo.


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