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Robert Louis Stevenson

Light post today to celebrate the 164th birthday of a great writer, Robert Louis Stevenson.

I usually don’t do things like that but, as my blog title is inspired from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and as my pen name’s surname is Stevenson, I guess it’s my right to remember him.

I’m not going to write his biography or anything heavy.

I just want to remind to myself why he’s of great inspiration: he accompanied me in my first big written task, my graduation thesis (something I couldn’t have done without my professor help anyway! Thanks prof G. A.!); he keeps motivating me to do better and to explore different genres and styles as writer; he keeps reminding me that trying to be a perfectionist on what you do it’s not a crime! 

When I grow up, I want to be like him!

And as because I graduated in comparative studies I have the right to say 

Happy birthday Stevenson sensei! 


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