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Sonrisa under construction!


From top left: element witch and wizard, elemental of fire, three flowers fairy, black magic witch and spice fairy.

Strictly connected to the two previous posts about research and my project, I’ll write this one.

When I scanned through the notes looking for prompts for the general plot I realized that there are many questions about Sonrisa, that’s my fantasy world’s name, I haven’t found an answer for yet!

At the beginning I was very disappointed and a bit tired as well because I’ve been working on it for 8 years now.

But after calming down I thought that answering to simple questions, like those I’ll share with you in a minute, will let me put the word “end” on the world building. Or I hope so…I love Sonrisa, but it still is a huge and slow and long task!

By doing so I should be able to write more consistent stories, free from that I_think_this_is_very_convenient deus ex machina so annoying in certain books, like the writer just had to invent a way out from a tricky situation.

The other solution is trying to convince myself perfection doesn’t exist so I’ll never have something without flows…but I won’t be fair to myself, so I refuse it!

Hence, as far as I discovered brushing my notes, what I hope the last bits left to check are:

Magic– how does it work in details? And a guide line spell list (actually one for each element, one for fantasy and three for black magic to be precise) would complete the picture.

Drugs– I need at least one drug to mirror our world. Fran is going to destroy or attempt to destroy the factory.

How to use currency– I decided the coins already, I gave them name, value and shape, but I need practice.

Elementals– I have elementals of fire. But I guess that I’d need elementals reflecting the other 4 elements I’ve been using for Sonrisa. I need to think about which tribe or country I should place them in order to suit my need best.

Hierarchy of magical creatures as I have fairies, elements and elementals other than witch and wizards and, other than magical creature, I have to decide the power they have in comparison to each other. Once finalized I won’t change it and then the story will have to bend to the rules!

Religion– I’m atheist and to me it would be a better world without religions. However, if I want to be fair and replicate our society I need at least one. I need to work a lot on this because I didn’t have anything planned at all!

Distances– I need a bit of help here from a friend of mine as my relationship with numbers is one of mutual hate. But as Fran in particular has to travel and as I have to jot down a journal I have to be realistic! Loads of work needs to be done here!!!


Then you never know, maybe I’ll notice some other weak point or the research will remind me something I didn’t think about and I’ll comply, as always!

What about you?

Are you perfectionist or rather, obsessed like I am?

Any advice?

Let me know in the comments below.


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