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Fran’s travels- working title!

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And finally, here I am talking about my project. Not in details, otherwise I’d spoil the fun, but still I hope you could give me some nice feedback. 

The main character of this project will be Rainbow D. Fran, my fictional alter ego. You’ve met her before, during my first A to Z challenge, right here

Fran isn’t only my alter ego, she’s my aspiration. I know this is another issue altogether, but have you ever looked at you and, being disappointed, wish you could change everything you didn’t like? So, this is exactly what I’ve done with Fran! At least in my fictional world I can be whoever I would like to be! 

As for the story, I tried to structure it like my favourite manga/anime, One Piece. The letter D. in my fictional name is also a tribute to that! 

Basically Fran has a main goal and is trying to achieve it. On the top of that she’s going through several adventures in order to go from A to B.

As the plot stands now I have 14 different situations I’m trying to work on before I could write the word “end”.

It’s a very slow process but after a couple of failed attempt in the past, where I opened and closed blogs and twitter profiles, I hope I can do things properly. I’m putting all my efforts into it anyway!

This also means that I’ll have to do loads of plotting, planning and, as I said in my previous post, loads of research.

Despite the several workshops I attended during the past, the advice I’m still following is the ones given by Oisín McGann.

 After I jotted down a general idea of the whole adventure, that took six or seven pages of notebook, at the moment each part of the story follows the 3P’s rule, very easy but effective, because it tells you immediately whether your story can have a future at all or not. You can find it among the writing tips in this section of his website.

 Next step is checking whether each section could fit into his 10 points scheme. As this isn’t on his website I’m not going to write it here.

 Currently I’m working on this bit and I’m half way through it.

 So far I got only one feedback (that’s because I’m very anxious and I couldn’t wait to finish the whole plotting) and I was surprised but pleased to hear that, according to the plot, the pace sounds very “One Piece Style”.

 However, this is not the end.

 Once all these 10 bullet points part will end, I have to revise each story again and do a summary covering day by day.

 The plan is opening a blog once I’ve finished, that resembles a journal and Fran will have to update it every day.

 After I have the daily summary then I’ll start writing.

 It’s a very long road the one I started, considering that, at the end of the day, I have only 4 hours a week I can dedicate to my project.

 I’ll keep you posted and I hope sooner or later I’ll get there.

 Once I’ll be in the writing /editing part of it I’ll be able to keep going on with my second project. I think I mentioned to you something about that as well, but it doesn’t make any sense in talking about something at the very beginning stage.

 The truth is I had to surrender to the fact that I cannot do too many things together.

 So, what do you think about that?

 Do you have any advice/feedback?

 Let me know in the comments below!




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