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Research time #4

It’s not news I love researching, and when it comes to writing I just totally agree with those writers who tell that it’s better to be as more precise as we can on what you’re writing about.

For example, if you want or you need your characters to use a fire extinguisher, either you know how to use it or you look for information. It would be stupid unscrew the lid and use it, right?

I agree on what they say about the expert or even not expert but intelligent reader who questions everything and might feel fooled by an inaccurate account.

I believe that this is valid also for a high fantasy world. As I mentioned in my previous posts on the topic I’ve been researching for a while.

If I want to use a ship or a boat for my story I have to know whether to use a brigantine or a schooner or a different kind of ship altogether.

On the top of the consistency of plot and character I’d add this too as almost vital element.

I hope you’re happy to know that I’m about to tell you what I’m planning right now. But before that, you want to bear with me with this post.

The plan I have in mind involves my whole fantasy world and of course, according to what I’ve just said, loads of research.

Since it will take long time to reach the end of it I thought that I can start now to do some study of the topics I will need.

I also think that it would be smarter to research from the first topic I’ll encounter till the last…given that someone like me could put the word “end” to such a task.

I’m aware that it’s impossible to learn everything and also that it’s not possible to cover fully a single topic in a short amount of time, but dedicating a bit of time per topic I hope I’ll manage to have a fair knowledge that can meet the expectations both mine and the potential reader.

So according to a first rough list I’d need to learn something about: ships types and parts, alchemy and Chinese medicine, Chinese five elements, different environment and kind of soils, animals, trade and bargain, horses, dragons, hot springs, history of fair, prison system, fighting dynamic, penguins, something about habits of the animals I put in FJ, werewolves, ghost, banshees, meaning of colours, tattoos, weapons, axe and fighting methods with it, pirates, drugs, spices, flowers and plants, animals, pigs and something that can harm them, natural poisons, hunting, mines and mining, medieval science level, gill: use and function, fish anatomy, mer-folks, under the sea flora and fauna, Scottish clan system, giants, lava and magma and under water volcanoes.

Do you think I will make it?

Can you see a point in this list?

I hope it intrigues you and makes you wonder what I’m doing!

Comments and feedback are as always very welcome!


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