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Maya made it…almost!

I’m so happy that I had to share the news with you!

After the first attempt of potty training made a few months ago ended up in a disaster, we decided to wait for a while to avoid stressing our toddler too much.

A couple of weeks ago though we noticed that Maya didn’t enjoy to go to the crèche as usual, saying that she didn’t want to play with the other children. The thing sounded strange as she loves it.

We tried to think about the cause and we guessed that maybe she was feeling put aside as she didn’t use the toilet.

So we decided to try again. As I had that weekend off, we started on Saturday morning.

The response seemed more encouraging than the last time! Maya went to her potty and did there her business.

Not only she did that, also she started to use the normal toilet after two days.

She used the Peppa Pig step to reach the sit and the reducing ring to avoid falling inside!!!

What went over our expectation was that Maya started to go alone to the toilet. She doesn’t tell me anything anymore, you just see her walking over the bathroom, switching on the light, jumping on the seat and wee! Plus, when she finishes she cleans herself alone as well and after that she flushes the toilet!

My only concern was that she still poo in her pants but at the crèche they assured me that it’s very normal and that children do that.

I have to say I’m very proud of her!

Well done, honey!

I’ll leave you with a genius video! Japanese know best!


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