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Why I do what I do!

A few days ago, while on the door to greet customers, I saw entering the building a well-known face! It was C. who used to work with me and I hadn’t seen for a long time.

We hugged tightly each other, happy to meet by chance and she left with the promise to keep in touch. Life is busy and we might not keep the promise but she’ll always be someone I’d meet with pleasure.

After this happy meeting, since it wasn’t that busy, my brain started to think as usual on its own accord.

The train of thoughts was triggered by the fact that this friend, although sometimes demotivated by the environment and the type of job, was still working in the tourism industry.

I’ve seen many people leaving my workplace and the majority of them still work in the customer service area or tourism.

If you ever happened to come across a blog or a Facebook page written by a customer service person, I’m sure you’d find it hilarious. I work in that field and I still manage to read in awe some description. I guess human being will never stop surprising us!

Despite all the weird people, despite the bossy management and despite the impolite customers some of us seem stuck there with no resolution to change.

You might argue that there isn’t much choice at moment or that some people have no other experience a part from customer service or many other reasonable explanation that might make anybody seems fool in keep going on to serve customers.

The truth is that we might like what we’re doing.

Sympathy from a customer or a positive feedback from another sometimes makes you feel proud of yourself; because it is clear that you centred the target.

Also, I believe that every single person in the field has his or her own motivation.

I’m not saying that for everybody must be like this but I can guess that the majority are in my same boat.

Someone might find satisfaction in being of help or someone is just bored to stay home alone and might need a wide range of contacts with other human beings.

Personally, maybe because I want to be a writer or I am just a curious person, customer service is great source of inspiration and details. Plus, it guarantees me to broaden my knowledge.

Every single customer hides a background or a story. Everyone has that unique characteristic. Everyone has something to say and sometimes to teach, if you’re willing to hear and to learn.

In conclusion, I’d say that the previous ones are the reasons that explain why I do what I do.

I might continuously rant about everything, I have my rant spells here on these pages too, but the truth is that I love doing what I do because makes me feel useful and also satisfy my thirst of knowledge and supply my stories with many queer elements!

Or let’s say, at least I feel like this today!

And what do you think?

Is like this for you as well?


What do you think about that?

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