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My little family!

Since I’m struggling really hard to get through the week, I decided to be very kind to myself and prepare a very simple post.

I’m going to show you my little family!

The video I’m uploading was filmed by an Irish band, Storyfold, in the street where I live. In September the crew was walking up and down the whole street to get some portraits of people living in the area! We were stopped at some stage after our grocery shopping.

We don’t usually do shopping all together, especially in the local area, but that day was perfect for a family walk!

I guess we were rewarded and that it can be considered, in my twisted mind, a good sign!

I’ll leave you with the video! I don’t really like or approve children online, but this is a nice thing, so…we’re in the first two minutes of the song.

Can you tell who we are?


2 thoughts on “My little family!

  1. I almost missed this! Aren’t you all a lot of good-looking people there?! I knew that you were beautiful, and Maya is a gorgeous child! And …well, I don’t think you ever told me his name but my, what a handsome fellow! There is no way that kid could not be beautiful!
    I truly enjoyed the video and I will probably be back to see it again. Nice!

    • Wow thank you so much Tonette! That cheered me up! I hereby name you my personal cheer up knight! If only I could find my sword!!! Thanks again! Compliments still embarrass me a bit!

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