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Queer day

I usually have one weekend off per month and when this happens I have to work three days during the week. It also means that the said week will be the heaviest of the whole month as I don’t really have much time to rest in between one working day and the following one.

The present happens to be such a week and even if it’s only Tuesday I’m already knackered. The reason could be the 10 thousands customers we had in between Saturday and Sunday or it might be that I woke up at 4 on Monday or it might be all these reasons put together.

I sincerely hope to make it through the week!

And while I’m writing this I can smell Japanese curry, which happens only when I’m very, very tired.

The reason why I decided to write this post is because yesterday was a very queer day, and you, my faithful reader, are my confidants.

I woke up at 4 a.m. with my house alarm ringing in my ears. I don’t even know where I collected the mental lucidity to stop the alarm and hence to cancel the call to the police. We switched on the lights, both awake…more or less. My heart was drumming in my ears and I had a strong nausea, but it’s normal when I stand up from sleep too fast.

I thought that could be someone trying to get in the house. My partner just took it easy: he got up and still rubbing his eyes went to the toilet, brushed his hair and then set to search the house.

When I asked for explanation in the morning, he said that we were up and in case someone was in the house then he knew that we were aware of his presence.

To be honest with you, this scared me even more!

Anyway, after searching the whole house we realised that the responsible for the episode might have been the helium balloon deflating in the room….stupid balloon!

Despite the racket, Maya kept sleeping so we went back to bed and tried to sleep a bit more until the real alarm went off to tell us it was time to go to work.

The problem is that I felt a bit uneasy as I thought that the alarm would go off again and then I didn’t easily manage to sleep after the balloon episode. But when I did, I had one of my strange dreams.

I don’t remember every details of course, a part that I was both the watcher and one of the main protagonists of the dream. It was something in between teen wolf and Grimm to make you understand what I mean. Basically we were werewolves hunting strange creatures that turned out to be giant goblin-gnomes (I have no clue why I called them like it in the dream!) who could be recognized because their heads became a skull if they were put in front of a mirror. In order to kill them we had to pull the piercing they had in the nostrils and keep pulling until the string attached to the piercing was stretched enough (you could tell by the pop it made, like the cork pulled out from a champagne bottle!) to transform them in powder and they dissolve in the thin air.

 I woke up feeling dizzy; I waited a bit before getting up otherwise I would have fallen on the ground!

And with me getting up I could start my day….

Yes, I was just at the beginning.

 Then I went to work and let’s say that things didn’t improve much!

The first weird thing was a lad from England coming through the entrance door with a big rubber duck into a straw-hat he was holding like a tray. When I asked him about the duck he said it was a hostage for a friend who didn’t come with him to visit my workplace.

 Second thing happened while I was on tills. A customer paid me with a 20 euro note, but I didn’t realised that in the very centre of the note there was a stain I only noticed when I put it back to the drawer. Even examining it more attentively I couldn’t understand what the stain was. It looked something in between a strawberry seed and jam or jelly, reddish-pinkish colour.

The real mystery is that I tried to get rid of this, mainly because it was disgusting to me. For some reason the note kept hiding behind other notes, I kept putting it in front to give it away at the first opportunity and yet when I looked into the drawer, the nasty piece of blue paper was once again in the middle of the bunch.

Luckily I got rid of it before closing so I didn’t have to touch it!

The following one was something happening on tills again. As you might now in the main European cities there is this service called city sightseeing tour bus.  We have to ask every single customer whether they came with that or not in order to give them a euro off on the full price.

So I did with the couple I had in front of me.

“Did you come here with the city sightseeing tour bus?”

“No we got this sky bus!”


“We came with the sky bus”

So they kept repeating the sky bus, till eventually I realised we were talking about the same thing.

 When I went back to the door, I found the girl I was supposed to swap with looking a man who was waving a red ticket (from a different attraction), broadly gesticulating and explaining in a language I learned later it was Russian something we couldn’t understand.

This girl looked lost like I did of course. Our only Russian speaker was off yesterday so we just had to wait till this guy gave up and unfortunately went away.

After that, I was swallowed up by two different huge groups of Chinese that decided to use the entrance of the attraction as the beginning of the tour…I might add at the same time.

Too busy in waving their tickets in my face, they didn’t stop watching my hands pointing in the other direction as I wanted them to backpedal in order to begin the visit. At the same time because they were too loud in talking they couldn’t hear their own guides who were trying to call them in the right direction; of course they were shouting at the same time, with the same tone of voice and not much louder that the rest of their group. So the result was that one group moved only when the other group’s guide gave up in shouting!

I love Asian people, I really do, but maybe because they don’t understand the language or maybe because of their culture they seldom reply to a “hello” or even look at you when they stroll close by.

Since it was late afternoon my level of attention was lower and I didn’t even know how I manage not to scream.

But to let you understand the way my brain was melting, read further.

I was still at the door and I was checking on the queue and the customers inside, then I turned to have a look at the entrance and back again to the till area. But for the split seconds my eyes were on the door I thought I saw one of the cabbage patch kids, massive in size, waving to me from outside the door. Of course when I turned my head again nothing was there to be found.

Yes, it looked something like it!

Yes, I’m a bit ashamed of myself, but there is nothing I could do…a part of being mocked by whoever heard the story.

The end of the day came at last but today I’m still trying to recover!

This week will never end….


What do you think about that?

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