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To tell or not to tell!

This is the second light post of the week, as I promised on Tuesday.

Watching so many TV shows I thought about a couple of questions.

I love in general fantasy (really any kind of fantasy), sci-fi and dystopian kind of TV shows, but right now I want to exclude those that take for granted a reality valid for everybody; instead, I want to concentrate on those where just one or only a few of the characters make the difference.

To make an example I don’t want to talk about “Heroes” where basically everybody has a superpower or “Dark Angel” where either you’re genetically modified or not. Basically where people are aware of these realities and more or less the truth is accepted as normality by the majority of them.

What I’m talking about is simpler roles like Nick Burkhardt who finds out to be a Grimm or Scott who’s bitten by an alpha and becomes a werewolf without wanting to be one or again the Winchester brothers who are fostered as hunters with no really any other choice.

And thinking about them I ask: Would you like your best friend telling you he or she’s a supernatural creature or a hunter? If he or she did it, how would you behave?

And vice versa, if you were a supernatural creature or a hunter would you tell them?  And if so, how would you expect them to behave?

I’ve been thinking hard, as hard can be in trivial question like these. Still it’s hard to foresee behaviour on such a particular event. I might think, or I would like to think I’d do something and in the very unreal case the situation arises I might behave in a completely different way!

But as far as I’m concerned, assuming some fictional event could take place, I’d love my best friend tell me she or he’s a supernatural creature. I actually would consider myself lucky and I won’t be any jealous at all! At least on this I can be hundred per cent sure. I’d like to help him or her in doing whatever they’re doing according to my physical limits. Psychologically speaking I think I could do more, I’m an open-minded person!

Vice versa, if I had to be realistic, I might have some problems in telling the truth. The problem would be my self-confidence as usual. I’d love to tell them the truth, actually I’d need it, but I’d be afraid they would run away. So I might keep it quiet for a while trying to think on the best way of telling them and finally being caught by mistake, as I cannot hide anything for too long!!!

At the same time I’d love them to be happy and helpful, like I would be for them in case they were in my position! Of course, once they stop being mad at me because I didn’t tell the truth before! But they eventually will, because they’re my best friend and they know me well and they are aware of my stupidity!

How about you?

Answer in the comments below, I’m very curious!


4 thoughts on “To tell or not to tell!

  1. I’m very open-minded to more being ‘out-there’ than most people see and I believe there are people who do go up against the bad ones. I don’t know any right now,(although there have been a few priests I have known that saw a lot; sorrowfully, many refuse to follow even biblical reality of said creatures),however,I would love to know anyone who is involved “Winchester-wise” or in other capacity. Add a power? think that’s fine, although I’m sure how far to imagine that.Anyway,Id be more than happy to be of moral support. Me, though?Would I tell? That’s a hard one. It has been my experience that most people who have not been in a similar situation cannot understand how the situation affects the one with it, whether it is having a troubled family member, being without money, having a chronic illness, etc. I think most people would find it hard to believe and be a difficult burden for them to carry…especially if secrecy would be paramount.If threatened, they might spill the beans, or they might talk, thinking they were helping in some way. I don’t know if I would ever trust someone with all my secrets, unless they were in the work or had some power themselves.
    Wow,Frannie, you really made me think this morning!

    • Sorry? Or you’re welcome! By the way, I see you have my same problem! I know, it’s hard to think that sometimes you cannot talk with people unless they’ve lived you’re same experience! But, on the other hand, how they could possibly know it, if you don’t talk!?

      • You ca try to get through, but most people can only judge by experience. The answers seem easy to them….just like the advice I’m sure you get about raising your daughter.(LOL!) So, many people become chronic complainers because the people around them don’t understand but after a while, people stop listening and start blaming the victim

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