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Too many TV shows

Following my blog I’m sure you know by now that from time to time I have to talk about a new TV series I follow.

I also have to admit, as I’m preparing a couple of heavy and not so nice posts for the next week, I’m going to work on a lighter topic today and Thursday!

No need to tell you also that when I write about a series means that it has become quickly, very quickly, an obsession, otherwise I don’t see the point in sharing it with my readers.

And you have three winners today! Lucky you!


First of all I have “Hell on Wheels”.

I don’t own any of the images of this post.

I’ve never watched westerns, simply because I didn’t really like them, but as my dad was very obsessed with them I learned a few things despite myself. Now, a part from a very weird turn in my personal taste I’ll tell you about in one of the following posts, Hell on Wheels is very well done and the setting is historically speaking perfect. As I said I’m not expert, but as far as I know, it’s very well done. The plot is complicated enough and with a series of twists that made me, and most importantly my everything-was-predictable partner, jump on the sofa!

This is a series that shows extreme situations and likewise the feelings of the watchers are extreme as well. I don’t recall when is the last time that I hated so much a character or I loved so much another one or I pitied another one yet.

You are forced to take a side and there is no way that some action could be justified in way or the other. It’s basically the pure, rude, savage western!

I just have one question: is this handsome guy here

The same you have here?

I really find it difficult to get how a person can change his features just with a different style in the appearance. If you really want to know, I prefer him in the first picture. Most of all I think he has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen!


Second in the list: “Teen Wolf”!

To be honest with you I didn’t like this series at the very beginning, I thought it was stupid and most of all one of the hundreds teen/very light/stupid series I cannot possible fall for. Despite it was about werewolves, so basically an urban fantasy, so something I really do love, I didn’t want to watch it and my partner reached the thirds series finale without me.

But, because there is a but of course! He decided to watch the third season finale when we were both on annual leave and my little cousin was here for the summer. As we were waiting for Maya to wake up from her nap and with not much to do, we started to chat in the living room. Chat died away in no time because we were intrigued by the story.

Being humble enough to admit when I make a mistake and not bothered at all from any kind of spoiler I can read or watch, I decided to watch the whole thing from episode one of first season.

Let me tell you, the first part of the first season is very misleading! Teen wolf is something amazing! The plot isn’t that complicated, but it’s twisted enough to keep you entertained and the feelings are the main attraction here. The variety and depth of any kind of feeling any human being can experience is displayed with mature tones and great empathy. I discovered myself crying a couple of times. Hard to get these days! Well done!

And let’s tell the truth, finally the werewolf are shown not like beasts but also as men or women fighting the feral part of them and not only victims of the wolf! And as a nice plus they’re portrayed sexy and hot enough, something that was a prerogative of vampires up till when the series started!

My favourite character is Stiles played by Dylan O’Brien, basically the only one who’s not a werewolf or some strange creature. The character himself is marvellous and the actor is very good in my opinion. So good that I’m thinking to go to the cinema and watch him in “The maze runner”!

Don’t want to make fun of him, but I think this catches the spirit!


Last but not least we have “Grimm”.

Grimm is born to be a dark fairy tale. Of course.

There is nothing I can criticise in this TV show. The setting is full of woods other than the city and the quality of the image makes them fairy tale like! There is even a castle!

Also, each and every single character is well realized, with a proper background, motivation, and feelings. Every one of them behaves according to those without turning into something very heavy or predictable. It’s amazing.

The plot is something in between the first two series I mentioned before, but the very nice thing is the perfect balance of the elements in every single episode. I don’t want to spoil anything for those who want to watch it, just let me tell you this: you’ll never have a comedy full episode; although there are so many funny moments or gags you lose the count easily. At the same time there isn’t a single episode where the drama is the only main theme. The heavy drama is always balanced by the comedy side story and vice versa in superbly harmonic way!

Although is difficult to pick one, my favourite character above all is Monroe, the “Bad wolf”. He’s very simple and good natured despite his race, as testimonial of the fact that everybody can change if he or she wants to. But digging deep into his character I have to say there is much, much more.

A question that I asked myself is: when they chose the actors for the cast, did they do language test as well? I’ve never seen a film or TV show with so many languages fluently spoken by actors!

Have you seen any of them?

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Too many TV shows

  1. I only watched the last one – “Grimm”. At first I found it interesting (different creatures, some interesting ideas, etc.), but further it went, the more annyoing it became. Characters were just starting to act stupid and the story lost its allure to me. Also, too much drama between Grimm and Juliette (because the two supporting characters plus the chief of police are MUCH more interesting). I watched till the end of season two and I am not really excited to see more.

    But on the other hand: I am very picky and critical when it comes to TV shows, so not many can really keep my attention for long. Same happened with “Heroes” (meh) and “Fringe” (double meh).

    As for “Hell on Wheels” – I haven’t watched it, but it instantly made me think of “Deadwood”. I am not a fan of Westerns, just like you, but this one is so gritty and engaging that it is hard not to watch it all, though the third season was a bit worse than the first two. The show is about everyday life of a small town in US, Deadwood, in the times of the country just forming. There are not many “extreme” situations, but the story is far from boring with many interesting characters and conflicting interests.

    Also “Teen Wolf” makes me think of another show: “Hemlock Grove”. Again, vampires and werewolves and some teenagers (and their parents) involved, and the first episode is quite misleading and slow, but the second one is an instant grip. Very entertaining, very interesting and has quite a few nice twists and really satisfying finale.

    • See? Maybe I’m more naive, but I don’t agree with you about Grimm. It’s a fairy tale, so some aspects should be more fairy tale drama. But this is just my opinion. Booed by everybody I keep saying that I don’t like the walking dead (even if I like zombies) because I don’t see a story in there. It’s a matter of opinion!
      Never seen Fringe, I loved Heroes!
      Thanks for the other two suggestion, I’ve never seen either of them. I’ll have a look into it!!!!

      • I don’t mind drama itself, “Deadwood” for example is 95% drama (and “Hemlock Grove” is not action-packed either). But “Deadwood” is “realistic” (in terms of character behaviour, not the setting): characters might be emotional, but they don’t act stupid and their behaviour makes sense (even when they react emotionally). In “Grimms” they often do stupid things, like Juliette dropping her phone into the (supposedly) abyss, when she’s stuck at her home or Nick pursuing alone a creature that can control him with a spit (or whatever it was) and getting himself caught.
        Even in fairy tales (well, the ones I love at least) characters don’t act stupid – and if they do, it comes from their emotions, not from the writers need to clumsily introduce a twist. I liked almost everything else in the show, I’d really love Juliette to disappear, and Nick either to man up or be replaced by someone with more brains and common sense.

What do you think about that?

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