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Dreaming of wedding and nail polish

Tell me the truth, you were wondering about what is happening to my dreams. After a few months of close and strict update I haven’t told you anything anymore.

I still cannot figure out exactly when I dream more often, either when I’m stressed or when I’m tired or I’m more relaxed and rested, but whatever happens inside my brain the truth is that it’s apparently impossible to have a normal dream for me. Mine have to be always weird or scary or nonsense. Otherwise it wouldn’t be me, just to quote a friend of mine.

I can’t be hundred per cent sure I remember properly the dreams of the past two nights but as they were very particular I have to tell you about them.

They’re not weirder than usual, actually they’re below the average, but they share a particularity. They were happening in a setting I’d already visited in another dreams I had who knows when.

I’m aware of the so called recurring dreams and I have a couple of them myself. I’m also aware of serialized dreams, but I wasn’t aware of shared location dream, or whatever you want to call them.

And here you have them in chronological order:

The first one was set in very dark and dusty old place, something half way in between an old museum and a station build around the first years of 1900. The colours were dark on the shades of green, orange and yellow and the majority of the elements like stairs, floors and walls were of light brown marble. I remember that in this setting I had another dream maybe a few nights before, but the colours were in a very brighter scale. It seemed like the place was abandoned after the first dream.

I was there to marry and only after the ceremony had started I realized that the groom wasn’t my partner but one colleague of mine, nice guy and all but still a part of my brain (for some reason wide awake)  was complaining about the fact that the men wasn’t my partner.

The other problem were the guests, there weren’t that many, like they decided they couldn’t come over for a reason or the other.

It was scary because it really looked like a ghost wedding in an abandoned place.


The second one was even weirder. I think I was working in a kind of zoo, I’m still unsure if in the role of animal attendant or waitress. (Not that it would make much difference sometimes!)

There were two tables in some kind of wooden construction and I was cleaning the big metallic bowls off the tables. It was very confusing because the tables looked like normal wooden pic-nic stalls but the bowls were shaped like the one you use for your own dog, but they were huge instead.

Outside the window there was a lion walking by and looking lazily at me.

Abruptly the scene changes, I was in a room I already seen in another dream of mine, but this time I cannot recall the previous one. I just know that I’ve been there already in a different situation!

This time the room was very dark and I was with someone, although I cannot remember who the man with me was.  What I remember is that he was urging me to put on some transparent nail polish.

“Fast or they’re control you!” he said more than once. But the nail polish was stinging my fingers and it was so painful. I didn’t want to do that anymore and I stop spreading it, but when I raised my chin I saw the ceiling changing and turning into a stained glass window. It was more or less what you can see in the picture I borrowed from the website.

I do not own the image!

The whole ceiling was changing and I heard weird noises. So I hurried with the nail polish again until I saw the window disappearing and I fainted for the pain and I woke up…


Here you go! What do you think?

Have you ever dreamed two different dreams happening in the same setting?

Tell me in the comments below!

Most of all, tell me I’m not the only one!


What do you think about that?

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