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Judging a person from his book!

I don’t own this image, but it was genius!

I had another idea for today’s post but waiting for Maya to fall asleep last night I came across this article and something inside me stirred uncomfortably. I mostly agree with the answer this lady received, still I feel personally targeted reading the idiotic request of this mother (I copy it here in case you aren’t convinced yet to have a look at the article, I’m mean I know!):

My son is 15 years old and has always loved reading. But he always reads the same books! He’s always rereading books like the Hunger Games and the Lord of the Rings and never tries anything new. I wish he would read something else than science fiction because those books aren’t good for him – he should be trying literature and classics by now, not the same books again and again. I buy him books, but he just puts them on the shelf and ignores them. What can I do?

What’s wrong with this lady? I am an aspiring fantasy writer and I think that the genre is something that gives the freedom to the reader and to the writer to go everywhere with their mind and to create whatever images and places and spaces he or she wants. Thus, it gives you the chance to grow as individual.

Actually although this can be true more or less for every genre, I’d say that the speculative fiction in general is one of the most flexible.

Plus, I’d add that hers is a very personal opinion, but she should have put it out with some more respect.

I’m not a big fan of chick lit literature, but I wouldn’t dare to underestimate someone reading from that genre. If they like it, so what?

Of course there are bad books, and I’m the first one to criticise some writers, but still it is a personal opinion and I wouldn’t judge a person from the book she or he is reading. All right, maybe I feel closer to whomever shows interest in speculative fiction but again it’s just something personal.

Said that, I guess that she should consider herself lucky in having a son who reads instead of melting his brain down doing nothing from when he gets up till he goes to bed.

I wish Maya would read so eagerly.

So the following question is: where is the problem in rereading books? As you might have noticed I’m a re-reader and although I’m aware that doing this can take some time from new potential books and worlds to explore, I believe that I have to go back “home” from time to time.

I mean when I reread a book it’s because that book says something to me, teaches me a lesson or simply reading the pages is like having a conversation with an old friend.

This is the reason why it’s the seventh time, I think, I’m rereading the Harry Potter saga, that’s why I’ve read more than once every single book I loved in my life.

Also, like my professor in comparative literatures said once, if you cannot read a book, it means it’s just not the right time. Wait and you’ll see. This is what happened to me with Primo Levi’s book.

When they were suggested to me I was definitely too young to understand the sufferings of the second world war. But now I’m appreciating them fully.

Maybe her son needs the right books, like the journalist answered to her. Despite the importance of the classics (I totally agree on this) he still have time to enjoy them!

I’d also add that some of the classics, even taken from our favourite genre, can be very heavy or we can dislike them for any kind of reason. For example, to me Tolkien was a genius and out of respect I’m reading The Lord of the Rings, but still I don’t like it. I’ve been reading that book for the past three years I think. Again, this is a personal opinion.

I’d add that she needs to open her mind a tiny bit more. I was so surprized when my mum, 63, asked me to lend her the first Harry Potter book in Italian. Ok, she changed her mind triggered by my toddler but she at least made an effort I highly appreciated.

If she can, everybody can!

I had to vent, sorry!

Talk to you soon!


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