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My reading pile

If you had a look at reading list! page on this blog, I don’t read too much. I love reading and I’d kill to manage to read some more, but for some reason I don’t manage and/ or I’m not able to create time in order to do so.

To be completely honest with you, I’m ashamed to read such a  scarce amount of books, in particular because I’m an aspiring writer and as consequence I don’t know many of the works published in the genre I’m trying to write in.

Although I despair on the situation, this doesn’t change the truth of it and for a while it won’t as I have a toddler and a part time job and many other things to do. Also it doesn’t help much reading blogs of some aspiring writer or of reviewers or watching vlogs showing people TBR lists for each month.

My reading pile!

My reading pile!

So one of the nice ideas I had during my holiday is showing not my TBR list but my Reading Pile, which is basically the pile of books I’ve started reading and I haven’t finished yet. You might notice the two towers is still in there!!! Shame on me! I introduced a couple of books written in Italian, one fiction and the other one non-fiction.

But what’s my problem?!

The problem is I can’t just stop and read one book per time, because I get bored very easily, I need to read according to my mood among the other things, and say, for example, considering this list if I want to enter in the dystopian reality of Divergent I just open Veronica Roth’s book, or if I want something nice, easy where I feel like at home I open Harry Potter, or if I want to empathise a bit, although it will be painful, I open La tregua (For those who don’t know primo Levi read here. His story is truly amazing).

I’m not entirely sure this is a nice and neat way of reading but I decided I’m going to keep you posted on the Reading Pile. I’ll update you whenever I’ll finish a book or two or I’ll add something new (something I’m trying to avoid at the moment as I have far too many books in there even for my taste!)

As this won’t be a very fast process I won’t bother you too much, no worries!

Till the next time!


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