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Back to work!

Visit at the Zoo!

Photo Collage Maker_zxQ12j

Night out as birthday present from my brother and my sister in law!

Photo Collage Maker_myrycZ

My little cousin and me!

Photo Collage Maker_Szz0Rz

At home is good as well!

Photo Collage Maker_cOiYwu

A summary!

Hi everyone, I’m back!
Since I have posts already titled I’m back  (by mistake, not on purpose!) I decided to vary a little bit!
The point doesn’t really change. I’m back from my holidays. I’m not more rested or more relaxed but it was a nice experience.
We didn’t go anywhere in particular, we just enjoyed the company of some of our family members.
Maya is back after two months in Italy and I still cannot believe it. So happy and equally stressed I am. Now with my mum and my cousin gone, let’s see how long I’ll last before I’ll go nuts!
My cousin is actually my cousin’s daughter and she’s 15 but sometimes (well the most of the times) seems much wiser than me. I still don’t know whether to be proud of her or ashamed of myself, but still…I love her!
My mum is my mum. Keeps complaining all the times, keeps make me feel like I’m doing everything wrong but at the same time it’s my mum. It seems I said something with no sense at all but it has its own logic, I promise…it’s just complicated!

I’m going to include some pictures because I was so happy to have them here and I guess you prefer to have something to see more than having something long and boring to read.

So I’ll leave you with pictures and I’ll see you soon on these pages with a couple of ideas I thought of during the last few days.

Yes, as usual, my body tried to rest and my brain fought bravely and actually won!



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