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I wanted to write a different thing today but I woke up with bad and sad news. You might know it by now, I’m referring to Robin Williams’ death.

I usually don’t follow the flow, even if I’m very sorry for the loss. But this time is different.

I think that on the web enough is said already and I don’t want to repeat anything despite its importance. So I’ll go personal.

Thanks to you, Robin, for making me laugh, for taking me company when I was alone and for giving me the excuse to write my first public article.

He is one of the last survivors of the past and better generation. I have no clue why he took his own life but it’s just a great loss for everybody. It is always the nicest and best people who are the saddest and who are the most in need.

Why do we never remember it? Idiots….

Farewell great man!


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