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80’s Lover feels nostalgic!

I was born in the 1979 and at the moment I think I’m going through the phase in which I miss my childhood. Maybe I’m just getting older and on one hand I am a bit sad, but on the other hand I think I had one of the best childhoods possible.

A part from strict parents I think that the 80’s and early 90’s as well had to offer the best. Film wise and music wise included they were much better of the present times.

Oh yeah, I think I’m getting old! This is something that my dad used to say. He used to tell us how and why the years he grew up in were better than ours.

I guess it might be a generation bug. When you reach a certain age you try to compare what you have and what it’s gone. It might be normal.

The reason of this post is that lately I have experienced strange feeling of nostalgia towards everything. I keep watching films like Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, and Trading Places and so on. I’ve been listening to 80’s music, a part from my Nightwish momentarily obsession.

Yesterday I went to the cinema with my partner and we watched Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s a nice Marvel film. You want to take into the account that my only approach to American comics is through the films, and this was in the average. I loved it but I had a strange feeling. The main detail, because yes, it was just a detail, was that the only way to appreciate wholly the film was being born in the 80’s. If you’re not, the music doesn’t affect you more than a normal soundtrack, even a deadly one, can do. But mainly you’ll never recognize him:

Howard the Duck

We waited for the scene after the credits and when I saw him I hold my breath for a few seconds with my hands on my mouth. I travelled to the past in a few seconds.

Coming back home we listened to the music we used to listen to when we were younger. We speculated about the old days, when kindness was more common, when relationships among people weren’t so fragile. We thought that we are lucky to be able to mend things rather than substitute them when they seem chipped or cracked.

Sometimes it’s sad because you feel you’re growing up, you’re getting older and the most of the times it’s a scary process.

At the same time, if my youth gave me this cultural background I’m happy I’m older!

I hope this all makes sense to you. And if it doesn’t, bear with me, I’m done!

Just sayin’….


10 thoughts on “80’s Lover feels nostalgic!

  1. I think a lot of the time we look fondly on previous times because they can no longer be affected. If you contemplate the present you have to deal with all the stresses and problems of today. A thought for the future involves planning and often, the possibility of a bleaker future than your present, because as humans we have a lovely habit of assuming the worst will happen.

    The past is in the past. Nothing can changed what happened. We have the “What if” questions, but we know we can’t change it. This brings a strong sense of security because we aren’t vulnerable when we think about our past or even live through it.

    In saying that, it’s easy to think more fondly on previous decades because we romanticize about a time with more social engagement. People talked far more and actually made phone calls, rather than relying on the internet and texts.

    One way to combat this, if the nostalgia turns to ill feelings of wishing for the past, is to reflect on the convenience and strength of modern day technology in terms of medicine, etc. Today I heard an interesting stat that the cure for Leukemia in children is around the 95% mark, significantly higher than ten years ago and beyond. So in many ways, it’s damn good to be in the present! Especially when you can still listen to all the old music you want to. You never have to live with 21st century decor and hobbies unless you want to. 🙂

    • Ahahah this is a very nice and interesting insight! I feel younger again already!
      Of course on some point of view is much better to rely on science evolution and so on, I agree on that (in particular after having Maya…maybe in the past I wouldn’t be here to tell the story!).
      At the same time I can help to live in my dream sometimes!!!
      It’s always a pleasure to have your point of view, really! Thanks! 🙂

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