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Franny’s daydream #2


Don’t believe what you see! The fact that this is just my daydream number two, doesn’t mean that I don’t have many more!

However, I’m aware I cannot bore you with my silly thoughts all the times…well, more than I do already anyway!

The truth is that the last few posts have been a bit heavy and more or less full of negativity so I decided a lighter topic for today.

As an aspiring writer sometimes I indulge in daydreams concerning what I would do if I were famous, or if my novel were translated into a film or something like that. No worries, in my next “let’s keep a ridiculous tone” blog post I’m going to tell you some more, but for today I want to talk about films!

As I recently discovered another actor who fast, incredibly very fast, became part of my obsessions’ closet, I decided to write as well this post, to avoid bothering you with his picture all over my blogs.

The guy I’m talking about is this:


Theo James. He’s absolutely fantastic, a real artist, good at acting as at singing. He’s very nice as well.

So I figured that I’d love him to interpret one of my characters.

Said that, I decided to improvise an ideal cast for one of my books. Well, at least the book I have finished in its first draft, which should be the first volume of the series I’m planning, but that I had to put in stand-by for the moment: “The heir and the vision”.

Theo James could cover the role of Orion, the son of the element of the Earth in disguise.

And here you go with my other obsessions:

John Barrowman would be the evil king, Vellekoop Van Zanten. I loved him playing the part of Merlin in Arrow, and I think he’s very good.

Colin Morgan should interpret his son, Julius. I love him in every role he plays and although I’d be sorry to give him an evil character, I’d love to see how he would represent him.

Jennifer Lawrence would be Alnilam. She’s gorgeous like a princess and also I think she’s good in playing strong women as well. So I think she would be perfect.

David Tennant, he can become basically any person (or thing- remember he played the ketchup in a spot and a star in a theater play) he wants to become! I honestly find very complicated to recognize him in his films, even if I know he’s there. It seems like he’s melting into the character itself. So I’d give him Dhaval. Dhaval is a warrior and he seems to be on the dark side but what he has inside him is even more terrible.


Ok, I took a picture with the first singer, Tarja, but she was my favorite!

Finally I’d ask Nightwish to take care of the soundtrack, as they’re currently are my everyday soundtrack. There is something in the back of my head tickling to come out every single time I listen to their songs. I think they’re stimulating my creativity in some way.

I think and I hope I haven’t left anybody out, otherwise you’ll be condemned to read more of this!

Thanks for reading and playing with me!

Talk to you soon!


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