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Finally I can set my hands again on my blog!

I think that by now I should have given up to the truth that I cannot write as constantly as I wish on these pages. Anyway, before I’ll write anything else I think I have to warn you against a scam I came across a few days ago.

 I was wasting my time on Facebook as usual- I really should stop that- and I noticed a link. It read: we’re hiring. I know that I have a job but that extra income would just help.

So I read the article, and the comments and it seemed exactly what I was looking for. 

Before I give you the link I’ll tell you what happened because I don’t want anybody be fooled like I was. So the presentation of this job promised that with a small purchase of less than 5 euro, you could buy an app and then start working from home. Sharing links was the only thing required and the income, according from the pictures attached, seemed not that bad.

You can imagine that stupid Franny decided to spend these less than 5 euro and buy the app. And, ladies and gentlemen, lucky Franny was even luckier, because there was a discount, so with only 3 euro I could buy this fantastic opportunity. There was a 5 minutes timer that pushed you to get the purchase completed in order to have that discount.

It was only by luck that I realized there was something wrong after hitting the “buy now” button. In a very small appendix were saying that a 58 euro monthly withdraw would happen on your card buying this app and this website domain.

What I did was calling the call centre and having the subscription cancelled immediately. The confirmation email arrived two days later reading: your account has been cancelled per you request. No signature or other details following. This brings me to hope against hope that that my details have been actually cancelled. The email was the less professional thing I’ve ever seen.

I felt so bad afterwards, because I thought I found a way to burst my income a bit, instead I was fooled like an idiot. 

Note to self: You cannot have anything easily…you should sweat and bleed. This is the only way, Franny.

I hope this bad experience would prevent some damage for my readers. 

Here is the link. Just read, believe me, and don’t do anything else! 





2 thoughts on “Scam

  1. There are some jobs where yu can work from home but any that are advertized are always scams, Franny. And to answer your other answer to my comment,I don’t think there is a lot wrong with you! I think you ask to much of yourself, that’s all. Take care of yourself.

    • Thanks Tonette. I know, but I want to find something like that, to work from home during my days off. I think I have to look for it in another way!!! Thanks for your support! I thought I wasn’t asking too much this time, but apparently I still didn’t understand my limits!

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