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Monster flash #4


I haven’t written any monster flash for a while now, but considering that last time I complained, I think it would be just fair to entertain you with something nicer.

Although I reacted in a worried way when I saw the first of the following subjects approaching my till, and although my thoughts about them where totally different, later on I thought that I could use them for this game!

So on Sunday the elements that attracted my attention were just two:

-A man with a V shaped scar on his nose. It looked like a very recent one and his hands were big and his fingernails dirty with what looked like soil. He was with a pregnant woman. She looked cleaner but a bit sad. The last element of the small party was a tall and thin man. He was very pale, all his features and clothes alike. He looked like an attempt of colouring a shadow or a ghost!

-Smelly Spanish family. It was mother, father, daughter and a son. They were all short and round and the dark colour of their skin was probably due to the absence of a good bath for a very long time.


Let me think now…

What if creatures that live usually underground set a challenge to establish who the best underground race is?

The sewer-folks and the diggers. They smell like hell, of course, and it seems that they’re happy with their life underground. They’re the two biggest and strongest families living under the surface but now they want more.

In order to decide who’s going to be the absolute king of the dark world they have to proof their power of disguise and trick the humans above.

The one of them who manages to live one day on the surface disguising better as human being will be the real king of the dark side of the earth.

To manage in this intent the lord of sewer-folks decides to bring his family with him (that would be the Spanish family). Although the family is always a winning choice in restaurants and museums, the smell coming from them and the stain of dirt on dirt make people wrinkle their nose and run away.

On the other hand, the prince of the diggers decides to accept the challenge right after the fight to conquer the Binsters (tribe that scavenges bins for food at night) and make sure that his son to be won’t be born as someone else’s bastard.

He won but the scar on his nose isn’t a pretty sight so people aren’t getting close to him either, although he has a pregnant woman with him.

The tall, silent, almost shadowish kind of person is the judge of the challenge. He’s one of the few human beings aware of the existence of the other face of the coin.

He has to make sure they don’t cheat!


Who do you think is going to win?

I might say the digger, because, although scary, I hate bad smells more!

To be honest this one would be a nice short story or maybe novella to write!

What do you think about that?

And how did the two clues inspire you? How would you combine them?

Let me know in the comments below!!!


What do you think about that?

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