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Plan for the summer

Let’s say that this year I have summer holidays as well since Maya is in Italy enjoying the sunshine and the good food! (Thinking that she’s still a toddler is kind of scary and creepy, but ok, I decided to think positive!)

You know me, though, and you’ve already guessed that I decided to organize my days. I know that there is a small voice in a corner of my head screaming on the top of its small lungs to rest and relax, but then I’ll be killed by the guilt of not doing anything.

But no worries I tried to be as nicer as I could with myself. So after understanding that I couldn’t load myself with tasks I decided for the following general guidelines.

As I have four days off every week the program will be as follow:


Day 1

1 h Blogging

1h Spanish (Book)

1h swimming or any other form of physical activity.

1h Reading

1h A voice from the to do’s list


Day 2

1 h Blogging

1h Checking email

1h swimming or any other form of physical activity.

1h Reading

1h A voice from the to do’s list


Day 3

1 h Researching

1h Spanish (Video)

1h swimming or any other form of physical activity.

1h Reading

1h A voice from the to do’s list


Day 4

1 h Plotting or Planning

1h Checking email

1h swimming or any other form of physical activity.

1h Reading

1h A voice from the to do’s list


As you can see it’s not that complicated because I can do whatever I want in the remaining of the day. Even relax if I’m bold enough!!!

Also, the days don’t change much in the second part, but dividing this way I avoid expecting from myself to blog, plot, check email and study Spanish in one day, becoming more and more nervous in the realization that it’s impossible! Maya’s not here but I’m still a human being, it’s time I admit that!

In case you were wondering, I set two hours to check the email just because I don’t know how to organize otherwise. I’m again over 2 thousands email to read….

I know that there isn’t much of actual writing, a part from the blog posts, but I need to research at the moment and also to plot for NaNo and the most immediate project I have. As for the writing project though I’ll tell you later on. I decided to keep posting only twice a week because I want to be consistent from now on, or I’ll try to do my best. When Maya will be back, I won’t have much time to do more than that anyway!

So what you think?

Is it doable?

Let me know in the comments?


10 thoughts on “Plan for the summer

    • I know, but I’m trying so hard to work for this blog this time, that I follow a lot of others through email. The problem is I haven’t much time and I’m struggling to keep pace with them! Thanks for stopping by!

  1. It sounds perfectly doable to me. With relatively little planned you have a lot leverage there, so you can spend more time doing something, if you find you enjoy it. You also don’t put pressure on yourself which will make you relax even when you work on something.
    Good luck!

    I have the next week off and I will not be relaxing much as I have a lot of writing to do. But then, even if I treat writing as my “day job” for that week, I will still have evenings to get some rest. 🙂

  2. Good luck with all those emails! I check mine fervently every hour so they rarely go above 20… can only imagine how busy you’ll be with that alone! 😛

    • Yeah I need luck! Sorry for the delay. As you can imagine, following even this easy scheme isn’t that easy for me! I’m the anti-plan I think! Now I have much more of them…who knows!

      • It’s all a matter of trial and error to figure out what works! Once you get there it’s brilliant though. 😀

  3. I think a lot of people would think that was a tight schedule for vacation time, Franny , but I know you! I think you’ve come a long way in not pushing yourself too hard. Sorry I have been away so much;I’ve really neglected all the blogs, except the one I must post on once a week,( the other is withering on the vine, poor thing!)
    It is wonderful that your parents get to see so much of Maya and there is so much for her to experience. Breathe, Franny!

    • No worries Tonette, for me it’s a pleasure to see you on my pages whenever you can. And as we could foresee I didn’t manage to follow strictly the plan and I’m not at all rested….there must be something very wrong with me!
      Yeah my family is fantastic in taking care of her! I love them!

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