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As I told you a few days ago, I’ve been away for a while for different reasons. I promise I’ll be back soon in a more continuous way. Just for today I’ll leave here evidence of one of the reasons that kept me away from this blog. My best friend’s wedding was in Italy and I went last weekend to celebrate the merry day. Now I don’t really have a nice picture with her yet, so more will come! I’ll have to speak about her and the other best friend of mine anyway, because I thought about many things lately and I want to share some consideration with you! 

But for the moment enjoy the pictures and 

My Best wishes to the bride and the groom! 


My friend’s sister Lella and me.


The groom, Davide and me.


My other best friend, Emilia, Gabriele still in the woomb and me.


Emilia’s partner and me. We love each other but we have a special way to show it!


The bride, Silvana, still Luca and me.


The happy couple!


Guess where they’re going for their honeymoon! Emilia, Luca and me were at the Grand Canyon table!


What do you think about that?

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