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Monster flash #3




You all know by now the rules of this monster flash, but I’m very curious to learn what you think about that. Leave me your opinion in the comments below, please!

My finger is better but not so good to write a full post, so I’ll use my game again, as at least the clues of this were written in advance. Don’t worry, though, I don’t remember them so the challenge doesn’t change! Following you’ll find the list of hints for the day I was working after the last monster flash one.  Here we go:

  1. A customer came earlier, at 8.40 (we open at 9.30) and told us “I thought because it was Wednesday people would already line up”….
  2. A customer from Sweden, salt and pepper hair and long moustache shaped like an upside down U. He had two silver chains around his neck. One, the longest, with a tiger head as pendant and the other one with a hammer upside down.
  3. A lady from Birmingham I noticed she had two chains around her neck as well, but thinner than the man before. One was shaped like a huge thin eight and I don’t remember the other.
  4.  A lady from Australia had a pendant that remembered a cross at first glance but then I realized that the hands were like bird wings and the head of the bird were two green stones.
  5. A lady was dressed with a waterproof jacked bright orange, with her sleeves fire red.
  6. A few moments later a lady from Australia came paying the ticket with a wallet coloured with the same hues of the previous lady’s jacket.
  7. A boy had jeans that looked like dipped in an ochre coloured basins. The waist and top part of the legs were ochre and some stains thorough all the length of the legs. The rest was normal jeans.
  8. There was a very sad looking woman. She was walking very slowly with slightly bent knees. Her hands were joined like in prayer. Her brows were almost linked together so sad she was and she looked on the verge of crying.

I guess this is the most difficult I’ve got so far, not only there are a lot of elements, but also it seems almost impossible to link them together. Give me five minutes!

Ok, it seems that the only thing I could think about is witches and magic.

What if the people with the different necklaces are all part of the same community? The pendants they wear specify their role into the community: the woman with the bird and stone shaped pendant could be a princess or someone from a noble family of the community. The man could be the bodyguard of the princess and the other one could be her maid or counsellor.

What if these witches were in Dublin to look for other members for their group and they decided to use the visitor attraction as a meeting point? (the way they were informing aspiring candidate could be through internet or magic, we’ll see). The guy who came over earlier couldn’t wait and was very anxious and arrived very early and because he couldn’t say the real reason why he was there he said the first thing that he could think of: “I thought because it was Wednesday people would already line up”.

He wasn’t taken into the community because he risked the exposure and when the three nobles were in to contact the candidates they left him there without revealing their presence. (maybe he realizes it later and he tried to hunt them?)

One very sad lady was walking around the entrance waiting for the witches to arrive. She was on the verge of crying and once she spotted them she decided to follow even if they didn’t reveal themselves to her as well. As matter of fact they left with no candidate taken, but for some reason the girl knew they were who they were.

At some stage, in a dark alley the princess turned to face her and asked her name and why they should take her with them. She said her name was Sarah and that she was desperate because the love of her life cheated on her. She found him with another woman and she realized in that moment that she could have powers she didn’t even know existed in the world.

The princess was intrigued and despite her maid, who kept telling her that totally natural witches didn’t exist anymore, she asked the sad woman to show her something.

Sarah started crying, opened her arms and after a few moments two figures popped out of the thin air, one on each side of her. On her left there was a man whose jeans were all stained in ochre colour. As soon as he saw Sarah he said, “What have you done, you fool? And why did you ruin my trousers like this?”

Sarah said “You’re lucky I didn’t dip your head into the bucket! How did you dare cheating on me?”

The princess could read Sarah’s thoughts now. They was supposed to paint their kitchen in that colour. And it was in their new home to be she found him cheating.

“What do you want to do with her?” she asked then jerking the head towards the young woman on her right.

Sarah stopped crying and looked at the other woman. She was clearly terrified and trying to cover her nudity with a red and orange rain coat. “I hate you” the natural witch said and turned her into a wallet. With a flip of her finger she made the wallet zip into her ex fiancé’s hands and said “This is the only valuable thing you’ll have from now on. Just money in a wailing wallet”

The princess was satisfied, she smiled broadly and beckoned Sarah to follow them and after a while they were swallowed by a big shadow.


So here it is. What do you think? Actually I’m quite happy as I didn’t think I could put them all together! Write me! 


2 thoughts on “Monster flash #3

    • No it isn’t…for now! I just came out with the idea after I listed all the weird things I noticed every day! Then everything is possible. I’m busy with a couple of projects at the moment so I’ll leave the monster flash on the side, just for the sake of creativity!

What do you think about that?

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