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Monster flash #2


Hi everybody, I’m back! The flu got me again but I’m slowing recovering and I was looking forward to write something!

Last post was about the little new game I set for me, and as I’m behind with the days I decided that the next posts will be more or less about it. This way I’ll hope to recover and go back to the normal regime. At the same time, I think this is a funny way to keep everybody interested and amused!

At the beginning I thought to squeeze everything in one post but then I realized that there was too much to write and read and it’s better to dedicate a post per day!

Let’s get it started then.

The elements I noticed on the 4th of this month:

  1. While going to the toilet, before the opening time, I noticed a fair amount of people forming a queue. When I went back to the till, and we were still closed, there were only four customers left in the admission area. Nobody knew where they disappeared.
  2. One customer had a coin holder shaped like a monkey pirate.
  3. Later on there was a stag party coming in. The stag was dressed with a transparent bodice and on the top of that he wore a black bra and on his head there was a pirate monkey shaped hat.
  4. In the afternoon when I went to the toilet, I noticed a piece of grey dough that was like blue tag in consistency, attached behind the toilet sit.
  5. A customer came in and she was dragging her sandals doing loads of noise.
  6. At some stage there was rosemary smell in between the ladies and gents toilets doors.

All right this is difficult. I have no clue.

Unless you do some kind of paranormal/nonsense kind of story. Here is an idea.

Say that I was in work. Before the beginning of the shift I went to the toilet. There were many customers already so I tried to hide in there because I had a headache that morning. Before I opened the door my nostrils were pinched by a rosemary smell but I thought I was just tired and I didn’t pay attention. When I got out I saw that the amount of people was significantly decreased. I couldn’t explain that but I wasn’t displeased.

As I started serving customers I had at my till a group celebrating the stag party. The stag was ridiculous and well drunk already indeed and I fretted the transaction because I wanted to get rid of them. Then I decided to relax my sore head again and I took a break going to the toilet. And once again with a hand on the door I smelled the rosemary scent.

When I went back to my position I noticed that the coin holder of one customer looked exactly like the hat of the stag I saw before and I thought that it would serve it right if he could be just a monkey made out of fabric. I thought I heard the monkey grunt, but then I pushed away the idea. It must be the zip closing.

Before the day was over in one of my last trips to the loo, I noticed there was something sticky behind the toilet sit and I realized that it was some soft dough. When I lifted the sit it fell into the toilet and the hard scent of rosemary hit my nose, like I was fallen in a huge, gigantic bush.

It was in that moment that I heard a weird noise, it was like someone was scratching the floor. I ran out the cubicle but I saw only the door closing. I didn’t know why but I just followed. A part of me told me to stay where I was but my curiosity pushed forward.

Outside the door, I wasn’t sure whether I was following the rosemary scent or the strange sound. I went to the entrance door to breathe fresh air, when I noticed a woman in the queue. She was dressed with a typical Indian dress and wore leather sandals. She walked through the snake shaped queue towards the tills dragging her feet slowly like they were made out lead.

She turned to me, she grinned and I was in the rosemary bush for real.

Ok, that’s the best idea I can come out with.

I realized that it wouldn’t be fair to put more than one list in one blog post, as I would then fret through the elements and I don’t want that.

I also realize that it’s not as easy as I though, because sometimes what I notice is so different and versatile that not necessarily can be put together.

Remember, I jot down the things that impress me, but I won’t see them again until I decide to write the post, so what you read in the post is written on the spun of the moment.

So what do you think of this one?

How the elements combine in your heads?

Let me know in the comments!


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