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Monster flash #1

I’ve just got an idea which will be very silly for someone but that means a lot to me. You don’t know the stressful situation I’m struggling with at the moment, and I don’t really want to complain anyway. I always complain and there will be time to do that if the events will turn in my favour sooner or later! But for the moment, in order to avoid complications let’s stay with this uncertain explanation.

Monster factory tag is the name associated to my workplace and once again it’s better for you and me I don’t give more explanations! If I’d do, I’ll have to kill you!

Anyway let’s get to the point. In order to get focus and interest and also to make my brain work in the direction I love, in other words to stimulate my creativity even in captivity…oh the rhyme…I decided to invent a game!

During the work day I’m going to scribble down, or keep on my head, or write on my hand the most particular, most bizarre elements or simply the things that attract my attention, and I mean it could be anything, from a guide dog to an earring.

When I sit down at the desk to write the post, I have to have a look at the elements I gathered and see what I can build from there. It can be a short story or a what if, an idea for a story or who knows, a novel or whatever I’m inspired to do, but what I must do is to include every single element in a kind of logic way!

I’ll give you just an example for today, but I think that mainly I’ll write one post for the three working days. In case I’ll come up with a short story or something longer, I’ll give one single bunch of hints a whole blog post!

The following elements are from the 3rd of this month:

  1. I had on till a lady from Spain; her right hand was stained with a purple mark. The stripes were irregular, like more or less Mononke Hime’s Ashitaka’s curse. It was affecting her palm and her fingers.
  2. My colleague Shannon, out the blue started coughing and she did so hard she was crying and couldn’t breathe properly and her face was tomato red.
  3. A customer with shoulder long hair of a beautiful purple colour.
  4. I had on till a very tall Swiss student of gastroenterology in London. Long hair and very snob and picky on every detail.
  5. Another girl was in the queue with short turquoise hair.
  6. Finally I had on till a girl with curly black hair and turquoise highlights.

Now how could I put all these together?

What if this Swiss student was kicked out his university because instead of following the doctor’s instruction he was doing experiments on patients? So the lady with striped hands was one of the survivors, while her brother was killed by the experimental medicine. She knew where to find him and she came after him to kill him. But she did a slightly error of calculation thinking he would have gone to the till Shannon was using instead of mine. So she put some invisible poison on Shannon’s counter, before stopping in front of me. The amount wasn’t lethal but it would have slowed him down. Instead, there was a delay with the other tills and the doctor come over my till. The customer after him, bumping his backpack on the counter, lifted some powder that floated into Shannon’s eyes and she started to feel sick.

The Swiss doctor wasn’t aware of this and proceeded with his plan of meeting his new patients into the bar at the very top. He thought that meeting them in a public place, in another country it would be safe. And so he met the purple haired girl and the turquoise haired girl and the one with the highlights. It turns out that the only side effect left in the medicine is the colouring of the hair and depending on the hue, you know how long you have been treated for.


Ok, now that’s what I can come up with off the top of my head. Of course spending some time more on it you could develop a better story, deeper motivations and so on!

Feel free to join in the game and let me know in the comment what you can think of.

I’m sure that sooner or later something will give me an inspiration for a character or for a book or something like that, but for the moment I love the idea of keeping my imagination in good shape.

Also it’s a nice way to try to explain you how my head really works, because let’s say it, the truth is that my brain alters the reality in this way almost all the times!

So what do you think?


What do you think about that?

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