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A to Z, what do I have to say?

Utopia021April is over and it’s time for our thoughts and reflection about the challenge.

This is my second year doing A to Z challenge and I managed to write one post a day (except Sundays!) till the end again.

I have already mentioned the reason why I was doing the challenge in one of my pre-challenge post and in the last one I told you one of the positive, and at the same time weird, side effects.

I think it would be nice to summarize everything here!

I loved A to Z from the very beginning for several reasons:

  1. I had another excuse, a part from NaNo, to write every day;
  2. I love challenges, in particularly those that are set by someone else because, although they stimulate me, they’re usually quite human (In other words they’re doable!) in the way they’re made;
  3. I met some nice new blogs and bloggers;
  4. I know my fantasy world a  bit better;
  5. I’m mentally stimulated to write more (a part from now that I’m sick…again!);
  6. I’m willing to finish and add details to my Sonrisa;
  7. I find out I’m in love with my fantasy world, but not because I’ve created it, but because I just love the place and I wish it could be real;
  8. I received priceless support from other writers;
  9. My blog had new followers.

And this is just a small list in comparison to the many reasons I usually think of when I’m away from the keyboard.Temples020

Thanks a lot to those people who created this event, you’ve done a great job and I’m grateful to you!

On the other side I’m just sorry I couldn’t visit many blog or answer quicker to the comments people left me. As you know I’m very busy and even if I try to do my best, I had to leave something behind.

My resolution is to try to visit as many blogs as I can until the next challenge and meanwhile try to comment on blogs and answer to my readers.

And believe me, with all the things I have in my head this is a challenge itself. Speaking of, I have to check the emails…I’m over a thousand again!

That’s it for the moment, talk to you soon!

BlackDragon002Happy writing and happy blogging!

And most of all thanks for stopping by! 


2 thoughts on “A to Z, what do I have to say?

  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge.

    Like you I struggled with visiting blogs on the list so I’m making up for it by visiting every one of the blogs on the (far more manageable) Reflections list. I’m nearly at the end so then I’ll go on to the Road Trip.

    This year has helped me to improve on my habit of commenting on the blog posts I read; previously I’d just move on but now I always try and say hi. 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by! I should do the same, I think I’m going to use the holidays!It’s just my life is a real mess! But I’ll take on the suggestion! Thanks again!

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