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I’d love to visit Sonrisa.




Writing for the A to Z challenge I realized once more how much I’d love to visit Sonrisa. Maybe it’s weird since it’s a world I created, but I love it!

I know it’s not a complete world yet and the work I’ll have to do on that is still great, but at the same time I cannot help and I’m fascinated by some of the places.

Maybe I shouldn’t even say that, or maybe I should! But the truth is that sometimes, when I’m too distracted or too tired to fall asleep I indulge in one of the most relaxing part of the world, like the natural hot springs in Fire Bloom Island, or The Garden in Harmony Valley or the dojo for martial arts in Penguin Refuge and so on.

I know that it might sound even weirder if I say that I’d love that all these places would be real!

Should I be checked for this? Is it normal loving something that as a matter of fact I’ve created and I know isn’t real?Net014

I feel a bit puzzled and a bit scared as well by the weirdness of these thoughts and I’m wondering if I’m just an arrogant person loving so much what she’s created. But maybe isn’t arrogance! And if not, can you tell me what it is?

If you remember, in my blog tour I talked about my two projects for the future and one of them is showing more of my world and its wonders.

In doing so my main aim is to share with my readers my alter ego Rainbow D. Fran in her adventures through the world. Of course the reason is to let them know Sonrisa better; but there is more. I have to admit that maybe the one I’m following it’s more a personal need. The need to keep thinking of and indulge in what I’ve created.

Or maybe the truth is I want to challenge my brain to create as many story as I can, just because I consumed my neurons to create such a big and variegated world. Yes, ok, it seems a much better explanation! Let’s stick to this one!

Who knows? You would say that I’m the only one who can possibly know the answer and maybe you’re right. But it seems that my Achilles’ heel is not being able to be aware of the good things I do, and I quote basically each and every one of my friends.

GhostLand007So as reader, as followers, I ask you, what do you think? Would you like to visit Sonrisa? And if so which part, among the ones I showed you, would you pick? And most of all, am I that weird? Does this post make sense at all?


What do you think about that?

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