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Z as Zircon



And today is the last post.

I’m always sad when I finish the A to Z challenge. It has been a great experience both of the times and I’ve met great bloggers as well. It is maybe the only occasion when I hope that the alphabet was made of more than 26 letters!

But let’s get started.

Zircon is, like Xylum, a city I had to name for the sake of the challenge, because I didn’t have any place beginning with Z. However, in this case too I was lucky as I had a village in Snout I hadn’t named yet.

Snout is a place I haven’t talked about yet. It is a small island on the south of the main one and it is shaped as a giant pig. As you can imagine the beings living there are giant humanish pigs and they’re divided in different tribes according to the colour of their skin.

Zircon is the Mine Village located at the foot of the mountains, which more or less can be described as the great pig’s ears.

In between the mountains there is a small valley and is it here that the only port is located.

Zircon is where the purple, bronze and silver skinned pigs live and they’re all miners. There are nine kind of gold in Sonrisa and the majority of them are extracted here.

Needless to say these three tribes are the most powerful, and if I can tell you the truth, also the meanest of the whole range of tribes.

As you can imagine in a world divided by the war, the other coloured tribes are living in a very poor way being forced into their villages and houses.

And with this I finish my challenge, happy that I managed for the second year in row to accomplish the task.

It was a great pleasure to meet you all and I want to tell you thanks, thank you so much for your wonderful comments and presence, it’s been an honour!

Happy Blogging and let’s keep in touch!


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