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Y as Yellow



Hello everybody, I hope I didn’t scare anyone of you with my second post yesterday!

And let’s go back to the second last stop in my fantasy world: Yellow. Today I’ll also bring you down to the under the sea kingdom for the last time.

And as I promised in Violet post I’ll present a brighter space. The yellow slice, Yellow, is where the sea-fairies live.

At the very north of the country there is the Abyss ridge which is a small ridge of mountains that shields the Yellow slice from the Lost Abyss behind.

The rest of the land is all plain a part from the small coral hills, that are a continuation of the mountains in the centre of Orange.

Scattered through the land there are five big cities and four hamlets. Sea-fairies don’t live here only, but you can find small hamlets also in the Green Slice, something immediately next to Yellow. These hamlets host the fairies who volunteer to take care of the plants and small animals under the sea, and collect all the curative herbs that fairies and mer-folks need for healing. In other words, as you have animals in Violet, you have plants in Green.

Sea-fairies’ is a pacific community and they resemble very much their counterpart on the land above. However, being aware to be the most magical and hence powerful community under the sea, they’re very proud and they tend to be a bit close. This closure though, was relaxed after the big war, because they’re very intelligent indeed and they know better what closure can cause!

As testimonial of this fairness in thinking just have a look to how their society is structured: they have a Queen and then, immediately under her, a fist princess who is in charge of the council of the children and a first prince who’s in charge of the council of adults. They’re so fair that they believe in children so much to take their saying into consideration.

And that’s it for today as well, I’ll see you tomorrow for the last stop!


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