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X as Xylum


When I jotted down the list of the names that should show up in the A to Z challenge I didn’t have anything for the X letter. But I have so many places in my world with no name yet that it wasn’t difficult to find a perfect candidate.

So I realized that there was a place, the core of Spice Wood in Harmony Valley that had no name at all. Spice Wood is where Spice Fairies live in, and it is located in the south- western border of Harmony Valley.

The name I got for this village or group of houses around a castle is a part of the scientific name of one of the varieties of anise: Xanthoxylum piperitium. So if you take the last part of the first word you have Xylum.

I know sometimes you need a guide to follow my brain.  Just think of me…I have to live with it 24/7!

Xylum is where the majority of the Spice fairies live and where the two queen’s castles are.

Spice fairies are a female community, more or less like the Amazons, but less violent (and not because of that are less strong!). They’re born in Spices flowers and leaves and they potentially live forever.

They have two queens that belong to the families associated to the strongest spices. They might decide to rule together, but most of the times the strongest does. In case the subjects decide she’s not ruling in a nice or fair way or in case of war she dies, then the second queen takes her place until either another queen is elected or the former ‘s heir becomes of the right age, which is more or less 100/150 years old!

I have one character I created coming from the Spice Wood, her name is Cinnamon. I used her for a while until I had to stop twitting Fran’s story, but as I said I have a project in my head, and I think I’m going to mention it later on.

Sorry for the length of this post, but stay tuned, because I have a second post coming later on!

Happy writing everybody!


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