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As I promised earlier on I have a second post for you.

I know I’m still taken by the A to Z challenge posts, but an occasion arose and I couldn’t resist.

It’s the blog tour I found on my virtual friend Joanna’s blog. She was looking for volunteers and I did it. I’ve never done it before, but I thought it could be a nice idea to connect a few blogs together and at the same time a way for me to know new bloggers!

So what I have to do is to answer the four given questions and then to mention other three writers who’ll bring on this marvellous idea!

I’ve found two so far and I’m going to leave the third spot for a brave volunteer. Let me know in the comments if you want to be part of the process!

Here we go with the questions:

What am I working on at the moment?

At the moment I’m working as usual on too many things together. And this is a problem I’ve always had.

But leaving aside all the drafts twitching unfinished in my computer I can tell you that mainly my brain is trying to cope with two big projects!

The first one is an urban fantasy/supernatural kind of story. The very original idea was born as fan fiction, but considering that my brain never stops and it is continuously brewing the two or three ideas I have until I’m satisfied (kind of never, to be honest) this project has currently become my plan to find an editor (hopefully) not abandoning my favourite genre. The idea is to write the story and introduce myself bringing a huge banner on which I write “Ok my English isn’t perfect, but my character doesn’t speak it properly! She’s Italian and she’s forced to write in another language!”

Use your weakness as your strength, so a dear friend of mine suggested! And let’s hope that it works!

The second big project involves Sonrisa again and my alter ego Rainbow D. Fran. As you could understand from the A to Z challenge posts I have a fantasy world ready to use, but I haven’t had time yet to concentrate on the main series of books I want to set here. So, what I decided to do is to open a second blog, hopefully by the end of this year or beginning of the next and try to tell better the adventures of Fran. Something I was trying to do before on Twitter, but I didn’t manage for health reason.

My idea is to write the blog pretending to be her, but letting know people at the same time that there is a writer behind the whole thing.

However, I’m too fussy and too attentive to the details to start straight ahead, so I’m planning the adventures in advance.

Because of these two projects, in the spare time I don’t really have I’m trying to research information about folklore, geography, history and so on.

I’m sure nobody wants to know what’s in my brain, but I found once a meme that could describe it better than I would!


How does my work differ from others of its genre?

You see, this question makes me a bit anxious! Because the answer is: I have no clue!

I mean I know this is the key point on which every expert author will stress on. This is something you’re told in workshop as well.

At the same time they all say that we have to make sure that our work enters into the categories and genre boundaries.

These two notions confuse me a bit as I perceive them as opposite and if I concentrate too much on that I’ll end up in not doing anything at all.

But I can tell you one thing!

The best compliment I received from a dear friend of mine once was: “Franny, reading your stories is like listening to you talking”…at the beginning I thought it was a weak point, but then I realized that it was a really good compliment.

I had the same impression when I got in my hands the first book by Oisín McGann. I followed his workshop and I liked him so much that I decided to read his books. And actually reading him was like listening to him talking.

My point is that as we’re all different in the world, we also are able to create different things. So maybe putting my personality into the story or in the way the story is told makes it different from everyone else’s!

Does it make sense?


Why do I write what I do?


Because I love it and because I need it.

That would be enough. But there is more.

Life is hard and the most of the time isn’t all that sugar coated pill everybody wants. Actually I think that nothing has ever been easy for me.

So I suppose that having a certain level of creativity I decided to find refuge in my head. At some stage this refuge became so stuffed with ideas and elements that I felt the need to share what I was thinking with other people.

Sometimes, instead, you need something to distract you from the boredom and you go back digging in your brain for a thrilling adventure.

Also, other times I really need to empty my brain, to vent, to seek help and writing just help.

I’ve always loved to read and immerse myself in different kind of places or just to change and customize the reality, so I think that this is the natural reason that brought me to choose the genre I write!

Of course lately I felt the need to experiment different realities and genres but I guess that it’s just a normal developing process of a creative writer.



How does my writing process work?

I don’t have a set writing process. I try to experiment and also I try to write whenever I can.

It looks more like a survival plan, but that’s exactly what it is.

I have a demanding and energy sucking job, I have a toddler, a demanding partner and a house I’m trying to cure at my best. All this with no help whatsoever because I’m an expat!

You imagine that this doesn’t leave much space for free time or time for writing.

The very first book I wrote was in Italian and about pirates. I knew the subject and I knew it had to be a first person narration. But after reading On Writing by Stephen King I thought I could try to leave the character to lead me. I was wrong. Well I guess it’s a decent first book and a few people enjoyed it but I don’t feel proud.

After that I decided to plan. It depends on the book or on how long I’ve had the idea for, but I try to plan as much as I can.

Usually I also use some formulas I received during the workshops.

Said that, my characters have voice on their own, because one of the things I plan most or, better, I spend a lot time on is the character birth. So sometimes they make me change the whole thing on the way, but at least I’m not taken by surprise like at the very beginning.

I cannot forget the painful sensation when I was crying on the keyboard killing my favourite character! But the story needed…so at least now I know in advance it must happen!

It is more or less like the bad habit I have of reading the last pages of a book when I begin a new one. At least I can enjoy better the story in between because I know already how’s going to end!


And here we go! I did it!

I didn’t think I would be able to!

Now, time to pass the baton my two fellow writers!

Ladies and gentlemen,

I introduce you:

Kevin from Creative Mysteries. He’s a very talented writer and a very nice person. Always willing to help and very hard worker. I recommend his blog, and in particular read his writing samples, you’ll be pleased!

Estrella from Life’s a Stage. She’s one of my oldest virtual friends. She’s smart, she’s creative and her art touches not only writing but also crafting and cooking. Whatever she touches, it becomes a masterpiece!

And, as I said, there is a third spot I couldn’t fill. Feel free to volunteer! Let me know in the comments!


*whispers* Jo, how did I go?

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Melfka says:

    Sorry to be so late with a reply, but I wanted to make sure I devote enough time to read it properly (versus just skimming through on my coffee break).
    You did great and it was interesting insight in your writing process. I can totally relate to having too many ideas at the time, sometimes I wish I could stretch the time more. Or at least impose a bit more of self-discipline. 😉

    1. Speaking of relpying in late…sorry! Well yes, but I’m not sure that self-discipline aka be tidier goes well with being artist!

  2. Hey Franny. Boy, am I super late to the party!
    When you tagged me I didn’t have time to look at your post right away, nor do a blog post, which is why I let it go for so long. However, I realize I answered these questions in March already.

    So in today’s blog post, I made sure to link back to you and direct people over to the questions and my answers as they still stand in the same form as they did two months ago 🙂

    Thank you so much for thinking of me, and I just loved your answers here!!!

    The blog post —
    My answers to the questions —

    1. Thank you so much! And that’s all right! They’re charming all the same! I’ve just read them!

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